Saturday, August 16, 2014

We made a trip to Seaside, FL a few weeks ago to meet up with a dear friend that I met in the blogging world. Such a fun time! (I'll post more on that later, hopefully.) The night before we headed home I snapped a few pics of LK at Topsail State Park. The beaches are absolutely beautiful! Since LK is still a little skiddish of the ocean, we had to get as many as we could on the boardwalk. And, there might have been a little bribery involved. ;) Here is LK at 2.5 years.

(I'm really hating how my images look terribly edited here... Blogger is doing something funky.)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Printable: Simple Father's Day Handprint Craft (updated 2014)

Hi, all! I've had a few request the 2014 version of my Father's Day handprint printable, so I updated it. Enjoy! 

You can download the 5x7 version here.

You can download the 8x10 version here.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lily Kate: 27 Months

We were a little bored a few days ago (okay, not "bored" -- but just needed something to keep us both busy until Daddy got home...) and I took out my camera and snapped a few pics of her in her new "big girl" bed. She hasn't officially vacated her crib yet, but her new bed is ready when the time is right. ;)

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lily Kate's Second Birthday

If you came from Pinterest, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to take a look around and follow me if you'd like! (You may also be interested in Lily Kate's first birthday party, or you can catch up on my most recent post!) You can also follow all of our daily non-sense on Instagram: @ashleyp2

I had SO much fun with Lily Kate's second birthday party! I was always obsessed with mermaids as a child and since the latest release of The Little Mermaid on DVD, there has been a boom of mermaids... everywhere! It was the perfect time for a mermaid party!

I designed her invitations myself. These will soon be available in my Etsy shop! :)

 (via Instagram)

(Invitations available soon in my Etsy shop!)

We visited a local bounce house one Saturday last fall and LK had so much fun that we decided to have her party there. The venue also caters so it was the perfect low-stress party that I was looking for. (Helloooo -- we JUST finished all the Christmas chaos!)

The only problem is that they were pretty strict with what we could bring. Since they are a catering venue, we couldn't bring any outside food except cake and cupcakes. I was a little aggravated at first, but I just kept thinking, "Relax and just make this easy, Ashley!"

Benjie made the stand for the fabric banner in less than 30 minutes. We painted it and I tied the fabric strips on the day before the party. It ended up being super easy and was the perfect backdrop we were looking for since we couldn't hang anything on the walls. 

If you remember last year, we had a terrible cake fiasco -- since we weren't able to use our normal bakery due to them being closed the week after Christmas. Well since her second birthday party was after the New Year, we were able to use our *amazing* local bakery. I was SO happy with the cake this year. We also ordered a few extra cupcakes to match. They were both so sparkly and girly! I got the cupcake stands on clearance at Homegoods (they were Halloween-colored) and spray-painted them to match.

I got most of the sparkly things on the Christmas clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. 

For her outfit, I first found the leggings on Zulily -- and I was SO excited because they match the invitation colors PERFECT!  I then found the mermaid(ish) skirt on sale at Target. I designed her shirt with the adorable mermaid girl and had it printed locally. (I wish now that I had done something else with her hair besides a bow because it never would stay in as hard as she was playing... We've *almost* passed this awkward toddler hair phase.)

Since I couldn't really decorate more than just a table with a cake, I had a little more in my budget to do some fun take-home favors. I found the buckets at Dollar Tree for 2/$1. I did a pirate bucket for the boys and a mermaid bucket for the girls. I think they turned out super cute! I found the most adorable mermaid/pirate crayons at Target for $1! I found small brushes for the girls and added a pink seahorse with my Silhouette vinyl machine. I added girly play jewelry and candy. The boys had fake pirate "treasure" money, eye patches, candy and a treasure map.

I honestly can't believe how fast Lily Kate is growing up. I mean, we're already 2 months into her third year -- only 10 months until she turns THREE!

(I intentionally blurred out the other kids -- not meant to be a horrible fake bokeh job. Ha!)

Invitations: Paper Dime Design
Cake/Cupcakes: Local Bakery
LK's shirt design: Paper Dime Design
Party tutu/skirt: Target 
Leggings: Zulily
Starfish: Michael's Craft store
Glitter table decor: Hobby Lobby (Christmas clearance)
Party Favor Tags: Paper Dime Design

Please do not pin or share images of Lily Kate

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