Monday, December 31, 2012

LK's First Birthday Party!

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I had so much fun planning for her first birthday party, but I'm so glad it's all behind me! Wow, they're a lot of work!  I am so thankful my Mama came down Thursday to help me with last minute stuff. She's always my life saver. We spent all day Thursday finishing off some of the decor (the poms, gluing the banners together, etc.) and Friday we spent most of the day cleaning and making our last Sam's/Party City run.

Saturday morning was hectic. We (Benjie) had to pick up the cake and the borrowed outdoor heaters. The tables and "Fun Jump" were also delivered that morning. Since our frig was full of the food we had catered we didn't have room to make the chocolate covered strawberries the night before so Mama and I made them a few hours before the party. When Benjie's parents arrived, I still had a wet towel on my head. :/

The cake. Oh, the cake. The bakery we normally use is always closed the week between Christmas and New Year's, so we had to find another one for her party. I sent a picture to a few bakeries and one sounded really confident about the job. We went to pre-pay and choose our flavors a few weeks ago and I was really adamant about "This is EXACTLY what I want it to look like." I even stated for them to make sure that it was an off-white instead of a stark-white. (I watched him write down "off white" on his little sheet.) Well Benjie brings the cake in Saturday morning and it's nothing but YELLOW. Everyone tried convincing me it looked fine but I was almost in tears. I've worked hard to make her party exactly like my "vision" and I couldn't notice anything but the "Big Bird cake" sitting on the table. My mom called them and they stated that they weren't given a swatch to match and that when they tinted the icing it dried darker. They were extremely rude and stated they had a wedding cake to do and they REFUSED to do anything about it. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about this situation, but we paid a lot of money for this cake and it wasn't what I asked for. 

I wasn't going to let that ruin her special day though! I took a few pics beforehand, but was too busy with LK to take any pics during the party. (I did record her eating her smash cake and opening her gifts with my tripod.) We had about 30 guests. It had been around 70 degrees last week and it dropped to 50 degrees the day of her party. We set up tables on the back porch (with heaters). We ordered a fun-jump for the kids, but it was just too chilly for the little ones. We catered the party from a local BBQ joint. (I forgot to take pics of the food table --  It was just trays of pulled pork, buns, potato casserole and baked beans.) Although, I think the BBQ was the biggest hit! 

I started with a mint, peach, and light pink scheme, but when I couldn't match any of the green stuff I ordered, I just did away with it. I also couldn't find the right color peach balloons, but they worked okay anyway.

I didn't have time to really take a lot of  pretty "detail pictures" (people were kinda standing around waiting to attack the food) but you get the idea...

(Oh, and when I edited my pics in Photoshop, I de-saturated the yellow cake a bit for "this is what it's supposed to look like" purposes -- at least it makes me feel better. Don't worry, I still have the un-edited pictures I can so I can tell LK about it one day. ;)

For the fabric banner, I just cut 1 1/2" strips of fabric. I've been collecting fabric here and there for the past 6 months! All of the crocheted things were borrowed from my mom. I LOVE blue Mason jars and all of these are my own. The scale was my dad's -- I had to promise to take care of it.

I love Baby's Breath! 

I ordered lots of tissue paper, but the best place to find general colors is Hobby Lobby!

The balloons were blown up last minute (since the tank said they'd only last a few hours) so I didn't get to perfect those. I know they're kinda crooked.  

I dipped fresh strawberries, marshmallows and pretzel sticks in almond bark tinted pink and peach. I garnished them with pearl sprinkles. We also had lots of candy, cheese puffs and Gerber "poofs" for the babies, and cream puffs for me! ;)

For the banners, I just cut out triangles of burlap, printed out my letters on regular paper (I bolded them so they'd be thicker), cut them out, attached the stencils with spray adhesive and painted them with a sponge brush.

 Pinterest Project! I bought my jars from Walmart ($8 for 12), the grommets from Amazon, and the paper straws from Etsy. I cut the tags with my 2" paper punch from kraft cardstock and attached pretty paper roses (that I bought from Etsy) with jute twine. These were a big hit!

People ended up writing their names on the back of the tags, so I think next time I will include a blank (or "name") tag instead of some kind of decorative "pretty".  These are all now boxed up in our garage and we will have these for all of our future parties!
(Also, a lot of people asked to take these home, so it'd also be a good idea for a favor!)

Another Pinterest project! I saw a few of these, but I made one myself in Photoshop instead of trying to draw it on an actual chalkboard. I plotted the print at Office Depot for $2.50 and mounted it on foam core from Walmart. The size is 20"x30". I will be offering these in my Etsy shop after the New Year. :)

 For the kid's party favors, I used cute kraft bags from Hobby Lobby and filled them with candy and fun things from Dollar Tree. For the labels, I printed these on sticker paper and cut them with my favorite paper punch.

Cotton candy galore! Benjie has a friend in the carnival business and he gave us 50 bags of cotton candy for her party. (How awesome!?) I attached cute tags that said "It was so SWEET of you to come." 

All of the printed things along with the matching invitations will also be offered in my Etsy shop after the new year! 

So here's some pics of the birthday girl! 

I got the skirt a few months ago from Zulily and I ended up throwing the shirt together the night before. I used the same font for her name as her banner. I think it all turned out cute!

(I didn't make the bib for her party, we just threw it on her because she was getting juice all over her shirt!)

My Mama and her grandbabies!


 This little gal has no fear when it comes to smashing cakes.

Oh, mercy...

The last thing I plan to do this week is get pictures of her in her birthday outfit with her little chalkboard that I made. I just didn't have the time or patience before the party to get it done. ;)


  1. Her party looks like something out of a magazine, so pretty!

    So funny I am making a similar sign for my daughter's 1st birthday pictures. I am using black foam board and chalk paint markers. Hope they turn out okay!

  2. This party was truly beautiful!
    Happy Birthday LK!

  3. I would not worry about the cake color! I think it looks wonderful...especially in pictures! And you should have a little why not the cake.
    I cake is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. This is beautiful! All the details - I love it!

  5. Oh sure went all out. Your daughter is precious and you are very talented! Enjoyed this post.

    Happy Birthday to your special girl!

    Not sure where you are from, I live in Baton Rouge!

  6. I know this is an old post, but I just found it while searching for first birthday party ideas on Pinterest! Love your adorable blog & baby! I am making one of those chalkboard prints for my man on his birthday too, but I hadn't thought to print it out (So much easier!) Just thought I'd say hello! :)


    1. Hi Suzy!

      Thank you so much for your kind words -- and thank you for stopping by! :)

  7. This is AH-MAZING!! I feel like this is so close to what I was envisioning for my daughters birthday! What font did you use for your banner? I love it!!

  8. This is AH-MAZING!! I feel like this is so close to what I was envisioning for my daughters birthday! What font did you use for your banner? I love it!!

  9. AH-MAZING!! This is all that I've envisioned for my lo's birthday! You truly did a beautiful job. What font did you use for your banners? I love it!

    1. Hi! I actually sell a template in my shop to make the banner! You can find it here:

  10. lovely!

    do you remember what size grommets you used for the mason jars?

    1. @Gina - This is the link to the ones we bought. Hope that helps!

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  12. Love the birthday party theme! Thinking of doing the same for my lo. Are you now offering the chalkboard print in your etsy shop? I browsed through some items but didn't find the birthday print.

    1. Hi! I am still offering it. I close my shop from time to time as I book up. Check back on Monday! :)

  13. Beautiful! Do you have the link for the esty paper roses?

  14. Beautiful! Do you have the link for the etsy paper roses?

    1. I apologize, I haven't logged into my account in months! This is the link to the paper roses:

  15. What kind of table did you use to set up everything on? I'm looking for a new dining room table and love it!

    1. Hi! We got it from World Market a few years ago. We love it! :)


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