Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's time...

Okay. So we have been living in our house now for almost 2 years. We bought it new and it was very 'builder bland.'

My kitchen needs a change. This is a pic from before we moved in...

The walls weren't khaki. They were more 'peach'. The builder was going to repaint the whole house anyway, so we asked him to re-paint khaki. (We also changed the door knobs to bronze, added the pendant over the sink, added a bronze faucet, and brought in our microwave and range.)

It was still bland. The color is SW-Universal Khaki. We asked for SW-Basket Beige but somehow the colors got mixed up. It has a VERY gray undertone. Our cabinets have a very 'orange' undertone. Didn't go well at all. It actually doesn't look half bad in this picture, but not so.

So we repainted. I wanted to try a 'mustard' color. Our granite has a lot of gold in it, and I love the way mustard looks with bronze accents. This is SW Ceremonial Gold:

Yeah, so.... I am not feeling this either. We painted this probably 3 or 4 months ago. As soon as we finished painting I knew I didn't love it, but tried to wait and see if it would 'grow' on me. 

Still not a whole lot of growin' going on.


I am considering repainting my cabinets. They look outdated to me. Maybe it's just the orange-y color. NOTHING in our home is that color. And I can't find a paint color that I like to complement them. I played around in Photoshop for a while...

We also have a travertine back splash patiently waiting to be put up. My husband also likes this...

If we go this route, I definitely want them 'antiqued'. We have a family friend who owns a cabinetry shop, so we will probably just let him professionally glaze them instead of tackling it ourselves. I would also ideally like the island to be a darker mahogany finish for a little contrast. (No, I'm not picky at all.)

Help! What do you think? Do you have a wall color suggestion that will go with our existing cabinets or do you think we should go with the white cabinets? 



  1. Pick one of the earth tones (gold, brown..etc) from your counter tops and use that as a base for choosing the wall color. I think the room is large enough to go darker on the walls. Especially with white cabinets, then use that same color as the “antiquing” color on the cabinets. With your bronze fixtures you probably don’t want to go too dark though. I love the antique kitchen feel but going with a darker color with achieve a more sophisticated look as opposed to a Mediterranean like the colors you have posted….
    Ohhh, you can check out the line of paint that someone (Sherwin Williams?) has that is based on original paints for house restoration.

  2. Love the white! It looks very clean and bright!

  3. I am loving the white! Our kitchen is yellow with white cabinets and I feel like it looks so bright and cheery :)