Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy or Girl ?

Okay, blame it on my pregnancy hormones, but this is a mean mean post.  >:)

Benjie and I found out the gender of our little Peanut! 

But we aren't telling just quite yet! (See... Isn't that mean of me?!)

We had been wanting to find out early, but most elective sonogram places won't see you until at least 17 weeks to determine the gender. Well, we had been hearing about a local place in town but never knew the name of it, or where it was located. Benjie called me last Friday at work and said, "Don't make any plans for 5:30!" We went in, and the lady was super super nice. (I think she was as excited as we were!) Immediately as soon as she saw the baby and got a good 'potty shot', she knew exactly what the gender was! I think we still asked her to double check at least 3 times (maybe 4). :)

With that said, we are SO excited! We've told a few close friends and family members but we want to wait until we are 100% sure instead of 90% sure... and it's fun keeping it to ourselves for a while. (I was 15 1/2 weeks, so it's still a little early to be POSITIVE, and I'd be so embarrassed if I turned out to be the other!) I found out at my last Dr. appt that my "big sono" will be at almost 19 weeks instead of 18 like we thought, so we have an extra week before we share the news. But I promise, August 8th, everyone will know!

Until then, here's a fun little snip-it of our session on Friday! You can take a guess at the gender, but it's really hard to tell on a 4D this early. (But I would love to hear your guess!)

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