Friday, July 8, 2011

Thinking about . . . baby rooms!

Okay, so I have been thinking for a while about my baby room decor. (Yes, crazy...but I am a designer!) It's one of the few times you get to take a blank room and totally transform and decorate it within just a few months (#inheaven). Our first step was buying Baby P's new crib on Friday -- and it's soooo adorable. It will beautifully compliment the antique/shabby/vintage look I'm going for -- for either gender. (Not to mention I got it for a steal! Thank-you-Craigslist!) Just like anything else, I already have lots of inspiration photos and bless my mom and dear friends who have gotten the daily, "What do you think of this?" photo via text and email. :) 

The countdown has begun...3 weeks from Monday or Tuesday we will find out if our nugget is a prince or princess. That means less than 3 weeks to get the room cleaned up (formally our junk room) and scrubbed down.

My conclusions so far:

-Gosh, everything adds up -- especially for your first child. And walking in Babies R' Us is SO overwhelming. I don't really know what I need or what some of the stuff even is! 

-Keep it reasonable. My mom keeps telling me that this baby decor will only be used for a few years at the most (especially if it's monogrammed). Invest all the time you can, but don't invest too much money.

-And that's hard -- because my favorite bedding sets are $500+. (Not hard to avoid buying them -- just hard to quit drooling over them. :)

-Everything that can be used again will be gender neutral (strollers, car seats, glider, etc.)  That will save us some money in the long run. 

-I may consider making my own bedding. (I do have a new sewing/embroidery machine that's been lazy the past few months...) I do know this will take A LOT of time and dedication. That cuts in to my after-work naps. :)

-But I may buy something cheap and alter it to suit my taste. 

-If it's a boy, I'm thinking casual beachy linens and seersuckers...with distressed furniture and a wooden captain's wheel. (Can you picture that??) My dad also has an awesome WW2 wooden airplane propeller that would be so darling with a vintage airplane theme. (Although it's very large and heavy... and I don't want to hang it over the crib.)

-If it's a girl, I want something light, bright and breezy with white comfy cottons and vintage fabrics and antique touches (Wait til you see what I drug out of my dad's shed!!!). Pink or purple walls are out. I would be sick of it before the baby got here. I've got something in mind though. ;)

-The baby won't remember what the room looks like. Do something that's age appropriate but something you can live with and be very comfortable in. (Hence avoiding a pink/purple overload.) We don't have room in our living room for a rocker or recliner, so we will be spending many precious hours in Baby P's room. :)

14 weeks, 1 day and counting. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to sleeping VERY late tomorrow...and then laying out to get this white mama a tan!


  1. Girl! When I was going through a baby fever mode, I was looking at super expensive bedding, making myself think we needed to start saving just for my shoppig fund for when we have babies, but then I went on etsy and saw that there are so many stay at home moms who sew and make custom bedding ( or just like the photos you prolly drooling over) for seriously HALF the cost, or more then half! I was amazed at how much cheaper it was on etsy, and then its custom just for you and baby! ;]

  2. I love the ideas you have! Can't wait to see it in pictures!

  3. Thank yall! I've definitely been looking on Etsy. They have so much to offer, and it is SO much cheaper than all of those boutiques!
    Now we just need to know boy or girl so I can get started! ;)

  4. I haven't had internet for awhile since we moved in the new house, so I am way behind. I had no idea you were expecting.....CONGRATS!!! i am loving your decor ideas! keep us posted! this will be neat to see... :)