Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halfway there!

Geez, I'm long overdue for an update! I have been so tired and so busy, I haven't even had time to sit down and think about blogging. We did have our "big ultrasound" last Monday and our little stinker just wouldn't cooperate! (Stubborn like her mama!?) She was upside down, on her head, and the tech couldn't get all of the measurements she needed, so we have to re-do it in 3 weeks. Good news is, we get to see miss priss again soon! :)

We found out at 15 weeks that we had a little princess on the way. I was anxious to tell everyone, but I promised Benjie (as hard as it was) I would wait and share the news via social media after our big ultrasound confirmation.

We are soooo excited! I would have been happy either way, but since I found out I was pregnant, Benjie and I both felt like it was a girl. I won't even begin to go into detail about all the clothes and bows and pink stuff I've already bought. (Okay, maybe I will in another post.. :)

So, if you are friends with me on facebook, you already know her name, but for my bloggy friends, we've decided to name her Lily Kate! We had a long list of names and we always came back to calling "the peanut" in my belly Lily Kate. Actually, Benjie has been calling her by name even before we knew it was a girl... (But we thought WE knew. hehe.) I've always loved deep southern double names and it just felt like the right name all along. Another good thing is, we could NOT decide on a boy name for anything! I guess the Lord knew all along we'd be setting all those boy names aside for now.

I thank God everyday for my baby girl and I pray daily that she's healthy and beautiful and smart. I pray that He will give us the guidance to raise her up in the way of the Lord.

(Side note, has anyone seen "The Help"? AWESOME movie.)

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*Pregnancy Highlights*

How far along: 20 weeks = 5 months = halfway there!

Total weight gain/loss: So far about 5-8 lbs.

Sleep: I do have a lot more energy than I did earlier in this pregnancy, but I still take naps after work and I still go to bed before 10:00. Sleep is my BFF.

Maternity clothes: I have a few maternity shirts that I'm growing in to, and I'm still able to wear a lot of my tunic-type shirts that I already had. I am still wearing my normal jeans with a belly band. Summer dresses are also my BFF!

Movement: Yes! LOTS of movement now! It's a crazy feeling but I love it. Just this past week, I can tell I've been startling her when I roll over or sneeze. I get a good jab in the gut!

Gender:  GIRL!

Food cravings:  Still no crazy cravings... Fried okra, smoothies, fruit, chocolate cake,  grape juice, (cooked) sushi. (Sushi and sweets are the norm for me -- even not pregnant!)

What I miss: COFFEE! Goodness gracious do I want a Venti White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. 

Symptoms: Tired, as usual, and starting to get a little belly! Other than that, I'm feeling great!   

Best moment this week: Picking up my glider. Its so pretty and comfy!

What I'm looking forward to: Getting her room painted and put together. I'm ordering her bedding and curtains tonight.

Baby is the size of a:

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 I've got a few posts drafted that I will try to finish up and post soon. Until then, have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Awww love her name :)

    I'm planning on seeing The Help this weekend...I've heard it's really good!