Monday, September 19, 2011

Here Lately . . .

Okay, so I've had this post in draft for over 3 weeks. I wrote most of it, got sidetracked, edited it, got sidetracked again. I'm going to try to catch you up on the past month...

I'm officially 24 weeks + 4 days. Lily Kate is moving around in my belly more than ever and she's definitely got her Mama's leg muscles! If she's kicking this hard as a one-pounder, I can't imagine what she's going to be like at 7 pounds. At night when she's kicking me like crazy, I've found I can rub my belly for a few minutes to calm her down. You could probably also call me crazy and chalk it up to my imagination. ;) Here's her cute little profile...

And here she is sucking her thumb...

The day after I wrote my 20-week post, I had to leave work and go to the doctor because my blood pressure had sky-rocketed in the past 12 hours or so. My doctor was out and I saw the high-risk doctor. She increased my Aldomet from 250mg 2x/day to 4x/day, which didn't do anything but make me sleepy. I had my regularly scheduled appointment the next Monday, and it was still high, so she increased it to 500mg 3x/day. I had another appointment the following Monday and she increased it (yes, again) to 500mg 4x/day, and put me on modified bedrest (no working, driving, household chores, etc...). Talk about a walking zombie! I could barely function, felt absolutely miserable, and I have never slept more in my life. 
    (This is where it gets interesting...) Last Tuesday I had another appointment (it's an every-week thing nowadays) and it was still 160/100 so she sent me to a cardiologist specialist...My OBGYN called and asked for a 'favor' to get me in asap. I got an appointment for the following day (last Wednesday) with one of the doctors in the department.

    Well I go in Wednesday and they hook me up to an EKG, ask me lots of questions and take my blood pressure several times. At one point, it was up to 200/110. The doctor came back in the room and told me that he was admitting immediately to the hospital. He wanted to add another medicine to my list (I'm already taking a gazillion pills a day) and that I'd need to be carefully monitored in case my pressure dropped too low. I have never been in the hospital and was terrified. Plus, anyone would be shocked to go in for a office visit and find out that you won't be going home. Thankfully, my mom was with me to keep me calm. They brought in a wheelchair and wheeled me straight to my own room in the Cardiac ICU, got my IV ready, and hooked me up to about 5 different machines. They started me on a new blood-pressure medicine (Labetalol) and drew a lot of blood-work. The results from that showed that my potassium and magnesium levels were extremely low. They gave me GIANT potassium horse-pills (seriously the biggest pills I've ever seen in my life) and started me on a magnesium-sulfate drip Thursday morning. They checked my blood pressure several times after lunch Thursday and it was averaging 120/70. Finally we had found a medicine that worked...and thankfully, the doctor let me go home that afternoon -- I stayed in the ICU for a full 24 hours.

    Through all of this, Lily Kate is doing fine. The Labor & Delivery nurses came by several times to let me hear her heartbeat. She definitely didn't like mama in that hospital bed!

    Although it was an experience that I wish had never happened, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. The Lord was definitely watching over me and Little-Bit: 1) Turns out, I got an appointment Wednesday with the best doctor in the department. I had at least 5 nurses tell me how wonderful, smart, and caring he is -- and if they were in the same situation, they'd want to be under his care. 2) The nurses were soooo nice. I will be delivering in the same hospital and hope they are half as nice as the 3 nurses I had. I guess in a way, it mentally prepared me (somewhat) for my delivery. (I know to bring socks!) 3) My mom came down for my OB appointment on Tuesday and ended up staying with me all week. I don't think I would have made it (or at least been as calm) without her. My husband is so wonderful and will 'baby' me when the situation calls, but there's nothing like having your mama there to take care of you. She stayed with me for a few days after I came home from the hospital -- washing clothes and keeping me company while Benj was at work. She left yesterday and I was very sad to see her leave! 4) I thank the Lord for giving my doctor the knowledge to give me the right medicine! I checked my pressure Friday morning and was 119/78. I have not seen it that low in YEARS. It was a bit higher Saturday and Sunday, but that may be because I tried getting out of bed and picking up around the house. I had another Cardiologist appointment today and my EKG showed improvement and there's plenty of room to move up on my Labetalol dosage if it does rise again. There's no telling of what could have happened if my blood pressure had stayed as high as it had been. 5) I have not developed pre-eclampsia yet. Thank you, Jesus. 6) I know many many people have called my mom and husband checking on me this past week. I know that many many people have been specifically praying for me and Lily Kate. I appreciate EACH AND EVERY call, card, and prayer. You have no idea how much it means to me. One day Lily will appreciate them too.

    On a LIGHTER note, Lily's nursery is coming along. I'll wait and reveal the whole room when we are finished with it -- which is soon I hope! I'm really anxious to see it all come together. I'm still waiting on her bedding to come in... and I still have to make her crib sheet, pillow, and bow holder.

    I am still on modified bed rest and will probably be for the remainder of the pregnancy. (I'm still taking my 2000mg/day of Aldomet.) There's not really much I can do except lay around the house, finish Lily's room, and embroider a few things for her. (Okay, I guess over 13 weeks, she will have lots of things.) And I promise you will be seeing a lot more posts and page updates from me! I hate that I started this blog last year with intentions to document my pregnancy and I haven't been doing a very good job. :(

    Oh yeah, here's my current daily concoction...

    Oh the joys of pregnancy!!! Anddddd, my OB did tell me that she wouldn't let me go further than 38 weeks... So that means LK will definitely be here before Christmas! I guess I need to start shopping online for a cute little Christmas outfit!

    Thank you Jesus for blessing me this week and I pray that you continue to watch over me and my family. 

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