Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eleven Weeks & Counting . . .

I had a sonogram at 25+5 weeks. Despite all of my problems, Lily's doing great. Her mouth was open almost the entire time and the poor baby yawned about 10 times in 5 minutes. We also learned she's "frank breech" (head and legs up, butt down) but the doctor said she has plenty of time to turn.

Benjie says it's like a game trying to figure out what's what. I think she's gonna look just like her Daddy. :)

I got a new computer! It makes blogging a lot more pleasant. I got my poor laptop my second year in college, and the screen is cracked, the hinges are broke, the power cord won't stay in the outlet, it weighs about 20 pounds, and burns my legs. I am much more happy with my new desktop! 

It's a HP TouchSmart. I read reviews on desktops for about a month before I made my purchase, and I am SO happy with it. I love that it's all-in-one and that everything is wireless. There's also this cool think called "HP Link-up" where I can link my two computers and EASILY transfer all of my files. I had all of my files transferred and all of my software installed in less than a few hours. Easy peasy! I also got a new "L" shaped desk to accommodate my computer and sewing machine. I found this desk at and was regularly around $200, but after scouting a sale and a coupon, I walked Benjie walked out of the store with it for $95. (I will be so glad when my normal life can resume!) Upstairs is like my little oasis -- because all I have to do these days is sleep, eat, make stuff, sew, and play on the computer. 

(I'll show you the rest of the room once I clean up the mess...)

I also did a little housekeeping on my blog. I realized my background wasn't stretching to fit my new screen, and I also formatted all of my old posts to read the same font. I took down my buttons at the top for now until I can get them updated... I'm working on it. 

I try to do one little project each day to keep my sanity -- whether it be cleaning out a drawer, sorting baby clothes, or making/sewing something. So I'm going to be posting a lot of pics of my "projects". (The fun ones... I spare you the cleaning ones.) Sunday I made my first burp cloth. It turned out better than I anticipated, but I still need some practice in sewing straight. 

You can only get better, right? 

Oh, and for the record, I'm up trying to enjoy my last few hours as a 25-year old. I think this is around the time when you start wishing for your birthdays to stop coming around so much... I know 26 is going to be an amazing year for me though! :)

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