Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lily Kate's Nursery

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I had so much fun with my baby girl's room. It turned out NOTHING like I originally planned. (I said, "Absolutely no pink walls!" -- but then my husband talked me into them!) I am so in love with it! Without further ado...

I plan to put all of my old porcelain dolls on the shelf once my mother digs them out of the attic. I'd also love to do something fun with that khaki wall space in the future. Still thinking on that one... Maybe add some white sanded reclaimed wood?

The dresser is an antique that we found in my dad's shed (a.k.a., FREE!). Benjie and I cleaned and conditioned it really well... and I love how it turned out and I'm so glad we didn't paint it. We will have to get something bigger when she gets older since it's sort of fragile and there's not a lot of space, but it works for now.

This mobile was pretty tedious, but totally worth it. The crystals were used in our wedding, so it makes it kind of special and sentimental.

 We centered the mobile with the arch window (that I covered with semi-frosted film for safety and heating purposes) so the crystals would catch the light. When we rearrange the crib or get a "big-girl" bed, we can still leave the mobile up. The crib did come with iron posters, but I think it was a little "busy" with them in that corner so we opted not to use them.

I found this poem online, fixed everything like I wanted in Photoshop, printed it on a t-shirt transfer and then transferred it onto muslin. It has a subtle shabby-chic rose pattern in the background. The frame was originally hot pink, so we sprayed it antique white.

I'm already in love with this chair!!!

This piggy bank was given to me by my grandmother when I was born. It was always in my room growing up. It makes me smile to see it in her room.

This frame was another (FREE) find in my dad's shed. I then used chicken wire and muslin to make my baby girl a bow holder. I have a feeling I will need a backup holder really soon. 

 A basket for baby-changing gear and toy box for extra storage.

Wooden letters purchased from Etsy...and painted antique white.

(You can see I got a lot of use out of a can of antique white paint and 2 yards of muslin!!!)

The bedding was also purchased from Etsy. The bumpers and skirt are a beautiful white linen. I originally planned on making her crib sheet out of a pretty fabric I bought earlier in the summer, but my patience ran low.

This is the bear I gave Benjie when I told him we were expecting.

I purchased the lamp base from Pottery Barn and made the shade myself, inspired by Jennifer's lamp at Dear Lilly. I just cut 3 strips of muslin, ruffled them, and glued them to a cheap shade. Jennifer gives an awesome tutorial {here}.

I carried the crystal / glass theme up to the curtain rods. So glad I stumbled upon these!

Paint color: Sherwin Williams "Romance" (Some of my pictures have been enhanced in Photoshop, so this swatch gives a better depiction of the actual color...)

After my husband talked me into going with a pink wall (yeah, seriously!), I knew I wanted a blushy coral color. I didn't want anything that screams PINK, and this color has a little bit of a khaki base. We originally painted one shade darker, "Mellow Coral". It was just a little darker than what I wanted so we went with Romance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color, and I promise the pictures don't do it justice! (That says a lot from someone who hates pink walls!) If you could mix the perfect amount of pink, coral, and khaki, you'd have "Romance"! It's going to transition perfectly into a "big girl" room! 

Okay, so here's the details...

Crib: Bratt Decor in Antique White (We found ours at a local baby boutique going out of business for 50% off!)

Rocker / Ottoman / Crib sheet (similar): Babies R Us

Rug / Curtain Rod / Mirror: Lowes

Lamp (similar): Pottery Barn

Pillow (similar): Walmart (because I got lazy at the end of my pregnancy and didn't make one like I had planned!)

Blanket / Basket / Toy Chest: Target

Wooden letters: kygracedesigns

Curtains: Ikea ("Lenda" in the 118" bleached white. They need to be hemmed but, again, I got lazy and just fluffed them under. I think it adds to the whimsical look though. :)

And, If I had an unlimited budget, I think this would have looked great with my color scheme instead of the matching chair ottoman:

 (Felt ottoman by Modern Dose)

However, it was almost $500 at the time... and unfortunately my budget wasn't unlimited. Maybe next time?

UPDATE: I've seen quite a few visits on this post from Pinterest and know I really didn't go into much detail about how I made anything or where I got it from. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Godblessournest{at}  :)

UPDATE 5/30/12: I found this crib sheet at Pottery Barn Kids and it's the same color as the one I used from Babies R Us. (I believe the crib sheet from Babies 'R Us is now discontinued and we got the last one at our local store.) This one matches just as perfect and I picked it up for $19.00 as an "extra"!

I just added a tutorial for the crystal mobile and you can find it {here}.

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(You may be interested in Lily Kate's first birthday party, or catch up on my most recent post!)

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  1. You did a great job! I'm going to pin in on my pinterest : )

  2. How beautiful! You did a great job!

  3. I just love, love, love this room! It's so girly and sweet! Nice job! Congrats on your about-to-be family of 3! BTW, I found you via Pinterest! xoxo

  4. Love this! May I ask the sellers name on etsy for wall letters?

  5. Thank y'all so much! :) I had so much fun with it!

    Ang, I added the sellers name to the post, but her url is


  6. Love this room! So you got the rocker and ottoman at babies r us? I've been looking all over. Are they online? Great job!

  7. I believe this is the one that we got...

    Mine doesn't recline, but it does swivel. We purchased ours in the store, but they had to order it.

    Hope that helps! :) It's SUPER comfortable!

  8. Such a beautiful nursery!!! I love the mobile. The touches of ruffled muslin are perfect!

  9. Yes, that helps so much! I will definately be looking for it. I've been looking for gliders, but this rocker looks too comfy to pass up! Thanks for the info!

  10. What an amazing job!! Have you seen the ceiling medallions for children's rooms by Marie Ricci? It would look beautiful around the ceiling fan.

  11. Your nursery is absolutely GORGEOUS!! It turned out excellent!

  12. Beautiful Nursery!!!!! Would you mind sharing the brand and/or name of the crib sheet you used? Thank you in advance.

  13. @Courtney, here's the link to the crib sheet... It's not available online, but I was able to snag the last one at our local Babies R Us about a month ago. I'm sure you can call around and find one near you.

  14. This is one of the most amazing nurseries i have seen...
    See some more Gliders AT: Nursery Gliders

  15. I would love to read the poem that you framed. Would you mind sharing the title? Thank you!

  16. I'm expecting twin girls in April and I LOVE your nusery! From the mobile to the lampshade!
    I found a ruffled curtain on Pinterest that I plan on making for the nursery which I think will tie right in with everthing that you did for yours!
    Simplicity at it's best!
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Now to get my butt moving before they get here! lol
    Congratulations on Lily! :)

  17. This room is beautiful and is the inspiration for my daughter's room! Thanks for showing where you purchased the items and the mobile tutorial. Beautiful!

  18. I'd love directions to make the mobile!!

  19. I'd love directions to make the mobile!!

  20. I pinned this nursery, it is gorg!! Would love directions for the mobile too!! :)

  21. I just linked here from Kelly's Korner. This is just crazy..we have a Lillian Kathryn (Lillie) that was born in Oct 2011. Our nursery is SO similar to yours and we also have similar car seats! We must have great taste! :) Looking foward to becoming a follower!

  22. Your nursery is beautiful and the inspiration I am using for my baby girl's room (due in 12 days!) I love the simplicity and mix of soft shades of pink and ivory mixed with the texture of the trunk and bin and wood tones in the dresser. Absolutely beautiful!

  23. Your nursery is beautiful and the perfect inspiration for my baby girl's nursery (due in 12 days!)
    I love the simplicity & elegance, the mixture of soft hues with wicker texture and wooden dresser. Just beautiful!!!

  24. Hi, Can you tell me what brand and color spray paint you used for antique white? I LOVE the color. You can email me at ucfemily at yahoo dot com


    BEAUTIFUL ROOM. I am going to do that monogram in my own master bedroom!

  25. This is just gorgeous! How did you make the mobile? I love it!!
    New follower!
    Follow me back?

  26. What a magnificent nursery! I love some of the ideas!!

  27. You did a great job!! We're using some of your ideas, but I'm wondering if you do have a changing table in here as well? Curious what it looks like if you do!

  28. Stunning! How big are the wooden letters? Looks like the link is no longer active. They look like the perfect size!

  29. I see you have had several requests for the tutorial for the mobile. I'd love to join that club! It's beautiful!!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  30. Would you mind sharing the room dimensions for your nursery? Our room is 10x10 and I'm wondering if we can do a similar layout without it looking to cramped. Thanks! :)

  31. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your nursery? Our room is about 10x10 and I'm wondering if we can do a similar layout without it looking to cramped. Thanks! :)

  32. We are having a girl in February, and I love antiques. Was so happy to run across this idea! Thank you for posting! It was such an inspiration!

  33. Oh my word! I just stumbled upon this on Pinterest (one of your other entries actually) and this is almost exactly the color scheme I am doing right now in my 4yo's room! I also said NO WAY to pink walls, but my daughter keeps saying over and over again that she is so excited to have "shiny pink walls" (meaning light pink) so I decided to go with a blush color and this sounds like it might be the perfect shade! I also have that same style monogram for her wall. Since she is a little older, I am adding in a little more taupe and some crystal and metallic accents as well, and I have a little vintage ballerina art too, but all along I have been thinking this will be a great grow-with-her room! I am SO making that lampshade also. Thanks for helping with some of the finishing touches!

  34. I love this nursery! I already have the same bed you have and a monogram. I've been looking for a mobile and could find nothing to fit my decor. I LOVE your idea and can't wait to copy it. Thank you for sharing. I have looked on line for the crystals and I'm not sure what size to get. 14 mm? I'm guessing I'll need to purchase around 100 of them. Thank you for sharing!

  35. I love, love, love this nursery and can't wait to copy your mobile. It is beautiful, and whimsical, and just what I need. I've started shopping for crystals and I'm not sure how many or what size to buy. Do you recall? Thank you!