Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm still here . . .

...and VERY pregnant. 

Everything seemed to be fine last week at my appointment (Thank you, Lord), so my OB wants to induce this week. I'll be started on Cervadil Tuesday night and then Pitocin Wednesday morning. I can't believe this is my last child-less weekend. Tomorrow will be my last "lazy" Sunday that I can lay around, guilt-free, and worry about no one and nothing but myself. It's so surreal. Battling a miscarriage and my rocky pregnancy, it seemed like it took so long to get here... and it's finally here.

We found out the Tuesday after Easter, and yes, I had just gotten my new camera ;)

I probably won't be laying around much tomorrow though... I still have to wash a few clothes, finish packing, and do some last minute cleaning. My parents are coming down Tuesday night before we head to the hospital and I know we will have more company soon after we get back from the hospital (hopefully Friday). The last thing I want to be doing on Christmas Eve and Christmas day is cleaning and washing clothes. 

I will say that nerves are starting to get the best of me. I am an obsessive "internet researcher" and some things just have me freaked out. I hope Lily is a perfectly healthy baby. I hope my epidural works. (I know Pitocin makes labor "exaggerated".) I hope there's not too much... um, "trauma" to my body. I hope that I don't end up with a C-section. I hope the recovery process doesn't ruin my Christmas / New Years. I hope I don't say mean things to my husband while I'm in labor. I hope my labor isn't 48 hours long. I hope I'm a good mother.

(For you mothers, I'm open for any kind of advice or reassurance here.) I will say though, I'm so over being pregnant, I just have this "let's get this over-with" attitude. I'm ready to have my body back. I'm ready to be able to drink coffee. I'm ready to get off of all of this blood pressure medicine. I'm ready to start back working out. I'm ready to be able to sleep on my stomach. I'm ready to not feel exhausted ALL THE TIME. I'm ready to do some updates around the house and work on my list of sewing projects and recipes that I've been itching to try. (Hopefully I can get some good blogging material going next year... I know it's been all about my pregnancy lately.) I'm ready for the heartburn and nosebleeds to go away. I'm ready to be able to get out of the bath tub without out my husband's assistance. I ready to go shopping and treat myself to some new clothes. I'm ready to be able to get out of this house and see our friends and family. I'm ready to be able to put my wedding rings back on comfortably. I'm ready for a new year with my new little addition. :)

I tried to answer all of my emails tonight and skim through a few new followers and your blogs. I thought the issue was fixed, but I still can't see ALL of my new followers. If I haven't followed you back or commented on your blog it's because you don't have your blog listed on your blogger profile, or I just can't see you in my followers list. If that's the case, you can comment here, and I hopefully I will see it. I will surely have some downtime stuck in bed next week, so I'm really looking forward to reading your blogs and learning more about you.

 I guess this will be my last "pregnancy" post. (For a few years anyway!) I will update after the delivery as soon as I am able. I'm off to bed now. I only have three more nights of uninterrupted sleep. ;)


  1. Hi Ashley,

    Congratulations! I know you're excited (and nervous!) Try and enjoy the process!!! I wish I hadn't been such a nervous nellie!!! If I had it to do over....I'd like to have been more calm and serene! (30 years ago!) I guess with age comes wisdom!!

    I was so excited to receive your email in response to mine. I also saw you're 'following' me!!! It's a thrill to see your blog name on someones list!!

    Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!!!! Get ready for the "love of you life"~!!!!! She'll be perfect!


  2. good luck to you. everything will be fine!

    i was induced. all it took was the cervadil, because i was so ready to have that baby. all conditions scored high as far as being favorable for labor. they gave me the cervadil at about 6:30pm and i was having strong contractions by 1:00am. but pain meds and an epidural had me sleeping through them almost all night. my water broke around 1:00am, too. the epidural was seamless. it worked like a charm! the doctor came at 9am the next morning, but they didn't even have to give me the pitocin until the very end of my pushing when my contractions started to slow down. my labor was only 10 hours, and the pushing was only an hour or so, but it only felt like 20minutes. and it was not hard at all. it was actually blissful, and i didn't feel a thing.

    i'm hoping you'll have a similar experience. just stay calm... that is the biggest thing. if you are calm everyone else will be, including your baby.

    found your blog via someone's pinterest of your baby mobile, which is really cute, by the way!

    blessings to you on tuesday night. it will be the most incredible experience of your life! then, get ready to be tired all the time... but sooooo worth it. enjoy your last few days of pregnancy... i actually miss being pregnant, so much.

    all the best!

  3. Hello! I am a new follower. I found you when I was googling baby girl nurseries. I love what you have done! I am due March 2! Good luck with labor! I hope it is easy and goes right as planned. God bless!!


  4. I found you via pinterest, and I just had to comment when I clicked and saw your blog post.

    You will be an AMAZING mother. And look at that nursery, girl! She is going to be one blessed little angel! Just f.y.i our oldest girl's name is Lily too :)

    I know it's so hard not to worry about labor, but just know, that even if it does somehow end in c-section, you will be fine (I had to have c-sections with both of ours)!!! And the epidural will be monitored by great professionals! Hopefully your labor will go just as fabulously as the girl who commented above me. Relax (I know it's hard) and just wait, because being a mama is just about the greatest gift you could ever imagine :)