Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My life has no structure right neither will this post. :) Just gonna go bullet-style on this one. 

  • First all, baby update. My amniotic fluid level was low at my ultrasound on Monday and if it's any lower next Monday, we will have a baby next week!
  • I am so excited that after two years, Benjie and I are FINALLY eligible for new (discounted) phones. We just ordered the new iPhone 4s on Monday and should be in by tomorrow. (I've never had the "cool" phone before when it was still considered "new".) I'm excited that I'll have something better than a 2 megapixel camera to take pics and show off my baby girl. ;)
  • Lesson learned: you cannot boil the Playtex bottles (drop-in-liner-kind). I was just trying to be a germ-conscious mom. 
  • I need a pedicure BAD and I can't reach my toes. 
    • Since I can't drink coffee right now, I decided to splurge on some hot chocolate. This stuff is AWESOME!

    (I've already told Benjie that on the way home from the hospital he HAS to stop by Starbucks to get me a VENTI Peppermint Mocha. No exceptions.)

    • This little girl has NO idea what's comin'... I'm really anxious to see how all of our pups react to Lily.
    • I monogrammed this for a friend who just had a little boy a few months ago. How sweet is this little guy?
    • I found this idea on Pinterest for hand sanitizer... and found this dispenser at Target. We've both been sick, so it's already getting a lot of use (boo...).
    • A dear friend of mine just lost his mother this past Sunday in a car accident. I cannot imagine what he is going through right now. She was such an amazing Christian woman and loved her family more than anything. Please say a prayer for my sweet friend and all of those who are hurting this Christmas season instead of enjoying the hustle and bustle like the rest of us. It makes me stop several times a day just to be thankful for what I have right now. 
    •  Corny as it is, I like to open up this site while I'm working on my monogramming machine. It's nice too when you have a big cup of that amazing hot chocolate. :)
    • I've had a serious craving for strawberries this past week. 
      • I made these cute tags for Benjie's company Christmas gifts. We got a big box of Ferrero Rocher truffles at Sam's for all of his customers. I think it was a much better choice than the popcorn tin. ;)
      I will be spending the rest of this week and the weekend relaxing (or trying to) and picking up around the house -- getting ready for company after we get home from the hospital. I probably won't be on the computer much until after Christmas is over. If we do induce next week, I hope each of you has a WONDERFUL Christmas.


      1. Thanks for following my blog! I came across your blog today, and I love it! I will be praying for you and your little girl! Have a great day!

      2. I just came across your blog yesterday and I love your style. Congratulations on your little girl! I have a 2 year old daughter and when we brought her home from the hospital to her "big sister" Daisy (our yorkie) she was not too thrilled. Daisy was accustomed to all the attention. Now at two, my daughter loves her and Daisy still has nothing to do with my child. Maybe yours will be much more playful with her!

      3. Congratulations on your baby girl! I will be praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby for you!!! By the way, her nursery is absolutely gorgeous!!

      4. I'm so happy I came across your blog! Congrats on your daughter! My little girl Kensington is 3 months old. Little girls are such a blast! I was also induced, boy oh boy. You'll forget everything once she is safe and sound in your arms. My 2 small dogs didn't know what was coming either but they did just fine. It's so funny, my pom will hear the baby cry and run up to me barking as if I didn't already know she was crying! Enjoy Lily Kate's birth day, it will be a moment you cherish forever.