Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello 2012 . . .

Well, this mama's still alive... exhausted, but alive. :)

I can't believe Baby Girl is 3 weeks old today! Juggling a newborn, Christmas, New Year's, doctor appointments, post-holiday cleaning, and traveling to my parent's house last week (so Benjie could hunt), I've barely had time to sit down and even gather my thoughts!

If you read my previous post, you know a little about how my labor and delivery went. Seriously, I could not have asked for anything better or easier... and I'd go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat. I had strong contractions before the epidural, but once I got it, everything else was bliss! My labor was a total of 6 hours (felt like maybe 2) and I only pushed through 5 contractions (felt like 5 minutes). I am so blessed with how everything went, and most importantly, Lily is healthy. You guys have no idea how HARD I prayed for this little munchkin. She had a little jaundice, but that was cleared up by her 2 week checkup. The first week postpartum was a little rough but nothing nearly as bad as I imagined. By about day 10, I felt completely normal, except the extra 10 pounds that I had sticking around. I still have about 5 pounds to lose (and need some serious toning up), but it seems like it's going to come off pretty easily once I start working out -- which starts tomorrow with some light walking!

On another note, Santa brought me what I asked for... :)

And between what my mom got me for Christmas and grabbing K-cups here and there, I have quite a nice supply...

My favorites are definitely the Starbucks and the Folgers Caramel Drizzle. And, I use the refillable pod a lot for my Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Mmmmm.... Anything to help keep a mama awake. ;) 

Santa also surprised me with a new Canon camcorder. It was totally unexpected and didn't even ask for it (Thank you Santa), but I'm so glad that I got it and can start recording all those precious moments that are going by SO fast. Y'all have no idea how different she looks just over a few weeks. To me, she's starting to look more like a "baby" and less like a "newborn". :( I mean, I've already caught this little thing holding her bottle!

I also got the CD back yesterday from Lily's newborn session and I love every single one... It's going to be so hard to pick one for her birth announcements and one to get blown up for our home. I'm going to wait and share them all after I send out the birth announcements, but here are two that I've already posted to Facebook...

Most of the shots were taken with her asleep, but I'm just so in love with those eyes, I think the shots while she's awake are my favorite. :)

Mom and I got out of the house last Saturday (much needed) for a little shopping while Benj watched LK. I'm so eager to buy new clothes, but my body just isn't quite there yet. I JUST got my pre-preggo jeans to button in the past 2 days. (That doesn't mean they fit... they just button.) Like I said, I know I'll eventually get there, but it was depressing when I tried on a super cute dress at Dillard's and it just didn't fit right at all. So, I've convinced myself that I deserve to wear my comfy sweats a few more weeks and I won't try anymore clothes on until I lose this last 5lbs. and tone up a bit. :)

If I can't shop for myself now, I guess that just puts me shopping for Baby Girl. I found this ADORABLE dress at Gap for her... (this pic doesn't do the "cuteness" any justice!)

But it was $50 and I couldn't talk myself into buying it. Although, she WILL need something cute to wear for her baby dedication so I may just have to use that as an excuse. She's only this tiny for a short time... and we've barely spent any money on clothes. And maybe by then it will be on sale. ;) I did luck up on these shoes for her...

They were marked down to like $3.99 and when she rung me up, they were only $0.99 each! I also got this for her dresser, on sale at Kirklands...

 And of course it's covered in muslin, so it matches perfect. ;)

(Sidenote: I think my most favorite part about the new iPhone is that it automatically sends all pictures that I take straight to a folder on my computer. No more emailing pics to myself or hooking up my phone to download them! Pretty awesome!)

Tomorrow I have a follow-up cardiologist appointment to check on my blood pressure, so y'all wish me luck. I was taken off the ginormous amount of meds that I was on during the pregnancy and am now back on what I was on before the pregnancy. My pressures are getting lower, but not in the "safe zone" yet. Hopefully when I start working out, everything will go back to normal. The last thing I want is for him to keep jacking up the meds again... Anyone who takes blood pressure meds know that they kind of "mellow" you out and I definitely need all of the energy I can get right now!

ALSO, I want to thank all of you for the sweet comments that you've been leaving, especially on the post that I wrote right before my delivery. I haven't had time to respond to each of them individually, but I've read each and every one and even teared up on a few. THANK YOU, you have no idea how much they all mean to me.

Well, LK is whimpering and it's almost time for her next bottle, so I'm off for the night! Hope y'all have a great remaining week!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing tips and experiences; love reading your blogs! :D

  2. I have a similar stash of coffee. Love your cute little one. I'm a new follower.


  3. I found you through pinterest...
    I have the same coffee maker and I love it!! My favorite is the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend.

    Congratulations on your daughter!! She is beautiful! My first grandchild (a boy) was born in February 2012, and I am loving every second I get to spend with him.