Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear Lily Kate . . .

You are FIVE MONTHS OLD! I know I say it every month, but time is FLYING. You are really developing your own personality and we are having so much fun watching you grow. 

We just got back today from your very first vacation! We went to Orange Beach, Alabama for a few days and then we went to visit your great grandfather in Florida for the rest of the weekend. We were a little reluctant to take you anywhere this early but you did SO GOOD! We went to the outlet mall on Friday and I don't think you cried the first time all day. You took a good nap in your stroller (your SMALLER umbrella stroller, Praise the Lord!) and then later in the evening you took a good nap on your Daddy. :)

That evening we all went to eat and were very thankful we got an outside table -- since you love to be outside. I fed you supper (sweet potatoes) and you were out!

Of course Mama had fun dressing you up in beach-y attire. ;)

Your grandparents and great-grandparents had so much fun with you the rest of the weekend. We didn't attempt the beach since it was super-crowded -- and you wouldn't have been able to stay out in the sun long anyway... and the pool had a "no-diaper-babies" policy. Your Daddy promised to take you back later this summer and let you play at the beach... I'll make sure he keeps his promise and takes us back!

You are doing really well with your solid foods. You eat applesauce or pears for breakfast and some kind of veggie for supper. So far we've tried apples, pears, peas (you didn't like those!), squash, bananas (mama didn't like changing those!), and sweet potatoes. Sometimes if you are sitting at the table with us, I'll let you taste whatever we're eating (mashed potatoes, lemonade pie, etc.) I love seeing your face when you try something new. You always "chew" it with the most serious look on your face  (like you have to think about it for a while) and then you either smirk or make a "nasty face". :)

You love your jumper now. You can stand in it flat-footed and you go to town jumping in it. I said this last month, but you have really, really shown interest in Mickey Mouse! The first time we saw you jumping in your jumper was to the "Hot Dog Dance".

Now we've DVR'd a whole collection of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for you and you get the biggest grin when you see Mickey for the first time on TV. We even went by the toy store this week and got you a little happy...

(Yes, of course, he sings the "Hot Dog Dance"!)

You sat for the first time without any support on May 14th! You are still a little wobbly, but you are getting the hang of it. Later that day was also your first time sitting like a "big girl" in the buggy! It was a big day for you!

You have also started holding your own bottle and you can reach for it and put it in your mouth. Sometimes you miss and end up sucking the side of it, but we are still learning. It makes me sad that you don't need my help anymore. Such a big girl! 

You had your baby dedication on Mother's Day. It was such a special day for me. You wore my Feltman Bros. dress I had when I was a baby. It fit you perfect and you looked like a little babydoll. God blessed us with you and the privilege to raise you and your Daddy and I promise to teach you about Jesus, take you to church, pray with you, and raise you like God intended us to. 

A few pictures from this past month... You are growing so fast and I feel like I just can't keep up!

Your Daddy and I love you so much! I just know you will be crawling very very soon! 

I love you Baby Girl, 


  1. What a cutie! And I totally think she needs some more headbands! We have more than our fair share too! :)

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