Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Lily Kate . . .

(I'm almost a week late getting this post written but it literally seems like TWO DAYS AGO I wrote her six month post. Time is FLYING these days.

Well, you're already SEVEN months old... and working on EIGHT! I know your first birthday is right around the corner and it makes Mama sad that you will officially be a toddler. (But you will ALWAYS be my baby!)

We didn't really reach any "milestones" this month. You still aren't crawling yet, but you are "scooting" very well! And you scoot fast! I'm pretty sure you'll be crawling by next month! You're so close! 

You still haven't said any words yet, that we really know of, but you are always "talking" to us. I promise I heard a "Mama" out of you while you were crying in your crib and I was fixing your bottle last week. Your daddy doesn't believe me, so he said it doesn't count unless you say it in front of us. I've been practicing with you!

You are a lot better at picking up your food now. You use your fingers now instead of your whole hand. You still love your Puffs! We gave you "Sketti O's" for the first time last week and you had so much fun feeding yourself. We've now been giving you a "self-feed" supper a few times a week (tonight it was butter beans!). I know you feel like such a big girl! 

You still love being held and you are always "reaching" for us -- whether you're in your stroller or you're playing on the floor. Today we went to Sam's and you refused to stay in your stroller! You were a happy as a horsefly in the buggy though!

You are still eating about the same and basically on the same schedule. You have outgrown quite a bit of your 6 month clothes and we're mostly in 6-9 months. You still sleep about 10 hours a night (sometimes more!). Occasionally, you will wake up around midnight, but after a small bottle, you go back to sleep. You went from the hardest little newborn to the easiest baby!

(Your daddy bought you a "Sophie" today -- I don't really understand the hype, but everyone was right -- you love it!)

(You love making this face!)

(You love sucking your toes!)

(You love your new train toy!)

(You've already outgrown your cute RL dress!)

(I found you napping like this earlier this week... I guess you didn't want that sun in your eyes! Silly girl!)

(I could just eat those cheeks up! And I do!)

(You look like such a little angel when you sleep... and Mama is always taking pictures! You fell asleep while we were rocking this morning and had just turned your head -- that's why it's red. :)

It still seems like you should be about 4 months old! I can't believe how fast you are growing. I pray every day for you and I pray that God will give us the guidance to raise you like He intended. We're SO LUCKY to have you! 

I love you Baby Girl, 


  1. This is so sweet!

  2. She just gets more and more adorable & beuatiful everyday .
    And omg she is such a fashionista already :)