Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project of the Day . . .

First of all, we all had a GREAT time this weekend! It was so great getting to spend time with my BFF and I know the boys enjoyed their fishing trip. Saturday while the boys were fishing, Em, LK and I went shopping and grabbed some dinner. It was a fun girls' day! After we got home and put LK to bed, we just spent the rest of the evening talking and catching up until the boys got home around midnight. Boy do I miss some good girl chats! 

Anyway, I picked up a new cake pop pan on sale at Target Saturday. I couldn't wait to see if it would actually work. Today during LK's nap I gave it a shot! 

(Nordic-Ware Cake Pops Baking Pan)

I did a good bit of research before wasting my (only) box of cake mix. I used Betty Crocker Super Moist White cake mix. It called for 3 egg whites, 1/3 cup oil (I think) and 1 1/4 cup of water. I used 1/2 cup of milk instead of the water to start with. I made my first batch and man were they DRY! (I may have also overcooked them just a tad.) I added 1/2 pkg of vanilla instant pudding, a scoop of sour cream (maybe 1/3 cup?) and another dash of milk. I reduced my oven temp from 350 to 325 and cooked them about 17 minutes. They turned out great! They had little "Saturn rings" that I had to cut off but they were actually round little pieces of moist cake!

I used almond bark for the coating and tinted it pink to match some sprinkles that I had on hand. After the cake pops had cooled and the 'rings' were removed, I dipped the sticks in the almond bark and then stuck them in the cake pops. I put the cake pops in the freezer for about ten minutes to make sure the coating had set. I then coated the cake pops and added my sprinkles. I'm not sure the best way to get a "smooth" coating, but some techniques worked better than others and obviously some cake pops looked better than others. I stuck the cake pops in an old piece of Styrofoam to let them dry. 

I then added little candy bags over the top and tied them with ribbon to keep them from drying out.

I also put a few in mini-cupcake wrappers -- sorta like round petit fours -- since I knew Benjie would come home and clean off 2 or 3 before he made it through the kitchen. ;) 

(I've seen a cake pop maker, sort of like a waffle iron -- Does anyone have one? Does it work? It seems much easier but definitely not worth the effort if they're dry or funny-shaped.)

I think these turned out so cute... and they ACTUALLY TASTE REALLY GOOD! :) 

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  2. Those look so good! I really want to make some the next time we have a party. I have also been looking at the cake-pop makers that look like a waffle iron....I might have to buy one :)

  3. I had one for breakfast this morning and they're still moist! I think the extra pudding and sour cream REALLY made a difference. If you get a cake pop maker, let me know how they turn out! :)

  4. Hey Girl! I randomly found your blog...your Lily Kate is just beautiful and I love her nursery! You did such a great job ;) I'm your newest follower.