Sunday, August 26, 2012

iPhone Purge

I think we're STILL all recuperating from our vacation. LK has been a terror this week! She won't entertain herself the least bit since we got home. I guess she got so much attention and saw so much, her little toys just don't even compare. We're going to try the jumper out another week before I break it down and put it away.

We're prepping for Mr. Issac to make his nasty arrival, so it may be a few days before I'm back on my computer after tonight. Here's a few pics from the iPhone from last week...

(Sorry, most are repeats if you follow me on Instagram.)

(Ate dinner last night with some of our best friends... just looking at this makes my mouth water! Delicious!)

(8 months on the 21st! Post coming soon.)

(Trying out her sucker Mama got her in Disney. She did some damage to it!)

Someone learned how to pull herself up this week...

(First time was at the window...)

(Then the couch...)

(And now her bed. She was crying because she didn't want to take a nap earlier today.)

(She LOVES tags. She'd rather play with a tag than any toy. Can't understand it.)

(See?? Chewing on the tag.)

(I got a wild hair and tried my wedding dress on this week. It fits!!! Also realized it's FILTHY and definitely needs to be cleaned.)

(Cannot wait for this to come in. Yep, we're gonna be a poodle for Halloween!)

(I went through an old SD card last week and edited a few pics. This was from Mother's Day/LK's Baby Dedication.)

Sorry this is short and sweet! I took a little break from cleaning so now I'm going back at it! 


  1. Aw! She's a taggy-baby! They make books and toys with tags hanging off of them. My kiddo was the same way, now all of his old baby animals and blankets have shredded, or non-existent tags on them. He's five now and still seeks out a tag to chew on when he's half asleep!

  2. How funny, my daughter plays with the tags on everything!I don't get the amusement behind it. But hey, at least they are occupied for a moment.