Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orlando Vacation: Days 3 & 4

(This post will mostly be pictures... Most of y'all have been to Disney so I won't go into detail about the parks. I enjoyed watching her experience everything more than actually enjoying the parks myself -- that's why she's in 97% of our pictures! I love seeing the world through her eyes!)

DAY 3: Animal Kingdom

Day 3 started with Starbucks at our Hotel and we were in Animal Kingdom park around 10am. Lily LOVED all of the animals! We mostly just walked around the park, but we did see the Lion King show and we rode the Safari bus. 

(Riding in to the park... Love those ears!)

(Very first time to see Mickey!)

(Mid-morning nap)

(Safari Ride)

(My mom and LK - I love catching moments like this!)

(Playing around at lunch)

(We learned how to drink through a straw for the first time!)


(Pooh was so sweet! My mom even bought her a stuffed Pooh on the trip.)

(Sad Eeyore.)

(Tigger! Look at LK's face!)

An idea my mom found on Pinterest as an alternative to the Autograph book, was to use a photo mat for character signatures. I picked up the smallest photo mat they had at Michael's (it's made for signatures -- very sturdy) and it worked out great. I think though in the future I will get the larger one (since it would've fit in Benjie's laptop compartment in his backpack) and take it every year until we get ALL of the signatures -- instead of doing an autograph book of the same few year after year. I think it'd be a fun "mission" to get the ones we don't already have.

(My OCD tendencies wish we would have been able to find a few more for the bottom...)

I won't lie and say that it wasn't hot. This day was probably the hottest, but thank goodness there were plenty of trees and misting fans. :)

We left mid-afternoon went back to the hotel. We all got a good hour nap before dinner. We went to a restaurant called "Crave" which was really good. 

(Someone was acting very silly.)


DAY 4: Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was (as it usually is) the most crowded park. I was really excited that I was able to find, order and have an adorable little Minnie outfit shipped to us before we left. She looked absolutely adorable in it (+ mouse ears!) and she was the center of attention everywhere went!

(I hate that it takes almost an hour to get from the parking lot to the park!)

(Her newest facial expression!)

(At lunch - Cosmic Rays)

(Favorite moment of the trip! She was obsessed!)

(She wasn't as excited about the princesses... She just liked their dresses.)

(We caught a parade... I'll spare you the 100 pictures.)

(We may or may not have gotten in trouble on the Dumbo ride for not having her under the seatbelt.)

(She LOVEDDDDD the "It's a Small World" ride.)

(Stroller shot)

 (Caught a show on the way out.)

(Main Street USA)

We left the park when we were all hot and tired and rested until dinner -- which was at TGI Friday's across the street from our hotel. 

I'm going to try and get the rest of the trip in the last post! :)

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