Monday, September 17, 2012

Belated Babymoon


Wow, it's been a jam-packed week! I told y'all a while back that me and Benj had an over-due "babymoon" trip planned for the two of us and last week was the big week. (I don't like to "announce" that our house will be vacant when we're leaving for vacay.) We took an ah-mazing cruise to the Caribbean! We took LK to my mom's on Thursday and Benj and I flew to Ft. Lauderdale Friday morning. We stayed at a hotel near the airport and cruise terminal and were shuttled there Saturday morning. By 11am, we were checked in and exploring the ship! We went on Oasis of the Seas. We've taken a few smaller Carnival cruises so we wanted to check out the Royal Caribbean line and Oasis (as well as it's sister, Allure of the Seas) is supposedly the largest cruise ship. There was so much to do, even though our trip was mostly lounging around and relaxing. 

(High-Dive show)

 (Royal Promenade)

(View of Central Park, pools, and zip-line)

(Our balcony stateroom #14596)


(Broadway's "Hairspray")

(A Coach on the ship!)

(Central Park)

(Royal Promenade)

(Central Park)

I didn't take that many pictures around the ship but you can view an awesome gallery here. It really is like Disney World on the water. There are different "zones" and each have a different feel. Central Park really feels like you are strolling through a park in the city, the Boardwalk has a beachy carnival-ish feel (with a carousel!), and the Royal Promenade feels like you're walking down a street in New Orleans. The food was great. We bought an extra dining package (Central Park pkg) and dined in 3 of their specialty restaurants, and other nights we dined in the Main Dining Room. We took advantage of Room Service for breakfast and lunch when we wanted to sleep in and there's always a place to get a "snack" when waiting a few hours for the next meal (pizza, cupcake shop, Starbucks, etc.) I came back 5 pounds heavier -- no lie. (Hey, that's what vacations are for!) We didn't do everything, but there's SO much to do around the ship if you're up for it -- rock climbing, an amazing gym and spa, flow-rider (wave surfer), putt-putt golf, night clubs, shopping, comedy clubs, casinos, bars, zip line, ice skating... just to name a few. There were shows every night -- Braodway's Hairspray, a high dive/water show, ice skating show, comedy shows, and an aerial stunt show. Getting dressed up for dinner and a show afterwards was definitely my favorite part of the day. 

I give credit where it's due and let me just pipe in that the service on the ship was absolutely outstanding -- especially in the restaurants. They did everything but literally feed me with a spoon. (They'd cut up my steak for me, never let my glass get less than half full, and would try their best to accommodate anything I asked for.)

We left Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday and were at the Bahamas at 7am on Sunday. We got off the ship for a few hours and shopped. That night was the first "formal night" (out of two). We cruised all day Monday, St. Thomas all day Tuesday (shopped), St. Maarten all day Wednesday (beach), cruised back on Thrusday and Friday and were off the boat by 7am on Saturday. We had an EIGHT hour layover in Charlotte and didn't get back to my parent's house until 10pm that night. Our trip was amazing and exactly what we needed, but man, we sure did miss Baby Girl! Our faces gleamed every time we saw a text from my mom with pictures. I think a week was a little too long for us to be away from her and next time I think we'll do something like a 3 or 4 day trip. 

Here's a few more pictures...

Day 2, Bahamas:

(View from our room)

(Atlantis... would love to vacay there one day!)

(HUGE boat!)

(First formal night... there are very few pics where I'm taller than Benjie - and this is one of them. He hates when I wear heels.)

(We couldn't decide which dessert we wanted so our waiter surprised us with them all!)


Day 4, St. Thomas:

(GORGEOUS island! And we had domestic cell service that day -- A very nice surprise!)

(I took a gazillion pics of the iguanas. I'll spare you, so here's 3...)

(There were all looking at the boat. There were seriously about 100 of them scattered around.)

Day 5, St. Maarten:

(My absolute favorite island ever. Pics don't even do it justice.)

(Pure bliss.)

Day 6, Formal night:

(He's so handsome!)

(Yes, he even surprised me with roses at dinner!)

We had an amazing time! As usual, there were lots of things we did and didn't like about the trip (and ship), but most of you aren't looking for a review, so I won't bore you. Feel free to email me though if you are looking to cruise the Oasis! :)

Now it's back to reality!!! Today I've spent all day unpacking and washing clothes and tomorrow is cleaning, grocery shopping, and running errands. The hardest part about vacay is coming home and getting back on schedule! LK is definitely teething now and is congested, drooling everywhere, and not sleeping well. She has her 9-month checkup Friday (and will be exactly 9 months!) so hopefully she's better by then. My mom had her thyroid taken out this morning -- she went through surgery fine and is supposed to go home tomorrow. Prayers answered! 

Geez, we have a few more weeks until October and then it's NON STOP for us until the first of the year!

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  1. Looks like a great time!! My husband and I took the same cruise for our honeymoon, but different boat. I am definitely looking forward to trying out the beautiful ship you all were on!!