Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dear Lily Kate . . .

Here we are at 8 MONTHS!

One of the biggest things that happened in your 7th month was your very first trip to Disney World. You had a BLAST! We were a little worried at first but you enjoyed it more than anyone... and we enjoyed watching you! 

You loved seeing the characters -- and not the "human" ones, but the big fluffy ones! You LOVED Stitch and you loved seeing Mickey and Minnie. Seeing you with both of these was the favorite part of my trip. 

Your Daddy surprised us with your first piece of real jewelry. It was so sweet and I know you will cherish it one day. 

Here's some "firsts" that happened this month:

First time with painted piggies!

First time to see the "fish"

First time to see LOTS of animals

First time drinking through a straw

First time giving "shuggies"... Granny got the first one! And now you say "awwwwww" when you give us one -- but they're random and far between! 

First time swimming in a real pool. You loved it! 

First time seeing a real parade

First time pulling up and standing. The first time was at your window sill, then the couch, then your bed... and now everywhere! 

 Your first hurricane -- Isaac (Our backyard, Category 1)

Also, Mama doesn't have a picture, but you waved for the first time to the lady at the ticket booth in Sea World! It was adorable! 

Your schedule is still about the same -- except you now get up about midnight for a bottle. You drink it though and go right back to sleep until about 9am.  You love getting "sips" or "tastes" from any food or drink in our hand. You are wearing 6-9 / 9 month clothes and you've outgrown your 6 month clothes. Yes, we're still rockin' the footed sleeper at night!

We're still waiting for you to say a word. You're SO close. You know imitate sounds that we make, but we can't get you to form a word yet. Hopefully the first one will be "Mama"! ;)

You LOVE tags! I can't understand it, but you are intrigued by every tag you see. Your Granny is making you a taggie blanket as we speak. 

You're just growing so fast and you're personality is really shining. You're so happy when we're "out and about" and you smile at everyone that talks to you. You make your Mama and Daddy so proud! We love you! 

I love you Baby Girl,

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