Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Lily Kate . . .

Your are now 9 months old! 

It feels like every time I turn around, I'm writing about another month. You are growing up wayyyy to fast for Mama. I can't keep up! 

You stayed with Granny last week while Mama and Daddy went on a little trip. I know Granny and Papaw spoiled you rotten. We looked forward everyday on our trip to getting pictures of you from Granny. We were gone a week but decided that was just too long to be away from you! 

(Some pics we got...)

You got a little congested while staying at Granny and Papaw's so we rescheduled your 9-month checkup two days early and saw the doctor this afternoon. You had been pulling on your ears but it turns out they are fine -- you just like to pull on them a lot when you are tired! Your congestion is getting better so hopefully it's just a teething sign. We still don't have any teeth yet! 

Your head circumference was 43.5 (50%), you were 26.5" long (25%) and you are 18 lbs- 1 oz (35%). We didn't think you were going to get any shots today, but we decided it'd be good for you to have the flu shot. You cried for about 3 seconds until we gave you a bottle. You were also distracted by all of the paper on the table! 

So happy to be minutes away from a shot! 


You throw your head back to drink out of your sippy cup now. We say, "Bottoms up!"

Daddy love.

"No baby, that's not a cup."

You looked at your cup like, "Something ain't right?"

The doctor said we can now start giving you "lunch"... So now we will be up to 3 baths a day. ;) But that's okay -- YOU LOVE BATHS! Mama just bought you plenty of bath toys because you will play as long as we will let you stay in there.

You are getting to the point where you don't like your baby food anymore -- you like to feed yourself. So now mama is giving you more peas and small veggies for supper and chopped up fruit for breakfast. We always treat you with a few "poofs" (Gerber puffs) when you finish your meal. It's okay though, it's nice that I can get a few dishes washed while I watch you eat. 

You are still in your "attachment" stage. You have the most pitiful cry when we walk away from you. You stop what you're doing and throw your head down with the most pitiful 'why would you leave a baby' cry. When we walk back, you just hold your arms up for us to pick you up. How can we resist that!? Normally though if we can't pick you up or stay right beside you, you cry for a few minutes and then you are fine and play until you spot us again. Yes, Mama has even crawled around the side of the couch to keep from being seen. ;)

You are still in the same size clothes as last month, but Mama is only buying 12month+ clothes from here on out. I've even got you a few cute 18m things for next summer! 

While you were at Grannys, you started waking up 3-4 times a night, sometimes 5. Papaw had to get his sleep so Granny gave you a lot of bottles during the night. I sure the environment change, being sick, teething, and just wanting to be up and playing had a lot to do with it. The first night back in your bed you slept through the night again. Not one bottle! In the past few night, sometimes you will wake up, but you normally soothe yourself back to sleep. We try not to give you more than one bottle a night. 

Granny had surgery this week and we sent this to her. You added your own little touch to it. :)

Mama tried on some of your new bows...

 Your newest face.

Daddy playing with you in Wal-Mart

Still no enunciated words yet. I will say "I love youuu" and you say "Ay ya ya" back to me. We're close. I know once you do start, we won't be able to shut you up! :)

Mama is about to start planning your first birthday. I think I'm procrastinating because I know once I start, it'll be here before we know it and I'm not ready for you to be a year old! I love you sweet angel and I think you are the sweetest, most beautiful and precious baby there ever was!

I love you Baby Girl, 

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