Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hurricane Isaac & the past week

We survived the hurricane with minimal damage. It was ironic because we had a neighborhood "hurricane party" the night that Isaac hit and we were all joking because it hadn't rained all day -- and we barely had a puddle in our backyard. 

Midday - August 28, 2012

Then around 6am on August 29, it REALLY hit us. 

 I know that may not look like a lot of water (or maybe it does) but there's a drop-off at the edge of our patio in our backyard. If you're in the middle of our backyard, you'd be about eye-level with our foundation. The water got about 3-4 feet deep... and even up to 8 feet in some spots across the street. We lost power for the first time on the 28th (at the hurricane party) and it was on and off until the 31st. LUCKILY Benjie was able to get a generator a few days before and we were able to keep our fridge, TV (internet, satellite, etc.), and portable air conditioner going. I must say we were pretty comfortable -- other than the fact the humidity kept setting off our smoke alarms when the central air was off. That was a pain... 

It rained all day and all night on the 29th... and on the 30th, we were starting to get a little worried about the water level. There's a small creek behind our house that dumps into the Mississippi River. They "said" that it was supposed to back up about 5 feet, which would put the water at a level to flood our homes. 

(The kids starting playing in our new "lake")

This video looks like we were just all tired of being cooped up -- which is true. 

This was taken about 7pm on the Wednesday, August 30th.

Now seeing this, I KNOW we had a lot of people praying for us. Why? I woke up at 6am on Thursday August 31st to this:

(Before & after)

Seriously!? I am still dumfounded as to where ALL of that water went overnight. I told Benj that God must've come with his vacuum because we barely had a puddle. Even when we have a normal rain shower, we have a little water stand in our backyard for a few days. Praise be to the Lord.

I wish I could say that this was the case for everyone. We had the storm blow a few pieces of soffit down and pieces of our fence collapsed, but we had several friends that had severe water/flooding damage to their homes. I can't imagine if this storm had been any worse. Prayers to all of those families!

On a lighter note... we got LK's Halloween costume in!

I don't think I've seen anything cuter in all my life. SERIOUSLY! It was snug, so I had to send it back today for a larger size. I know we would have been pushing (and praying) for it to fit in two months.

Is anyone else ready for fall as much as I am!? SEC Football, pumpkin patches, fairs, boots and scarves, hay rides, high school football Friday nights, falling leaves, crock-pot potato soup, apple cider,.... ahhh, my FAVORITE season!  Here in the south, our first cold snap doesn't happen until the first of October, but hey, September still counts as fall in my book. ;)

I've REALLY been enjoying shopping for LK's fall wardrobe. This is just one outfit that came in last week. Adorable!

I revamped my wreath this week and got 'er hanging. :)

I'm also working on something else to hang after Halloween!

I'm working on LK some larger/fall bows and I definitely needed something else besides the frame I have hanging in her room. I picked this up from Hobby Lobby yesterday. I plan to either spray it bronze or antique white (suggestions??) and think it's something that will grow with her. I just see all of her jewelry hanging it on when she's older.

I've never seen a child squeal and laugh as much as this one! I'm sad to say she's an official Daddy's girl! 

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