Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Real Life"

I've been feeling guilty that I haven't used my "good" camera that much, so I got it out today and just snapped a few pics while LK was playing in her room. Beware, I staged nothing -- she's in a diaper, spit is running down her chin, and there are toys everywhere! (This is usually how we play though... But I promise I put clothes on my child! We had just finished eating lunch. :)

(Her "spit face")

She will play with her toys for a little while and then she'll crawl over to the rocker where I usually sit and want to sit with me -or- she tries to grab everything off of "Mommy's table" (drink, phone, iPad, etc.) and we get in trouble. :/ She already knows what "no" means but she is sooo hard-headed!

P.S. My Instagram widget had been MIA for a few weeks and finally tried to fix it today. Turns out, my username was "un-discoverable" so I contacted Instagram. I guess they fixed it, because it's working now... So if you tried to search my username - please try again! :)


  1. These pictures are adorable! She is so cute! I was curious what type of camera you have. My husband and I are camera shopping, because we would really like a nice camera before we have kids in the future.

  2. Thank you! :) I have a Canon 60D. I love it. I have said it before, but I originally wanted the T3. My husband decided he'd surprise me with one for Easter... It was right after the Japan tsunami and they were out of the T3 and didn't know when they'd get anymore in. The last Canon camera they (Best Buy) had was the 60D and he's easily persuaded. :) I am really glad I got it though - It's great! I have a new lens on my Santa list. ;)

  3. So cute! She is getting so big! And I hear ya, I am TERRIBLE about getting the 'good' camera out, too. Especially since I got my iphone, I end up just using that and Instagramming everything :-/ I use my camera a lot for her monthly photo shoots but I am bad about taking everyday photos with it!