Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Lily Kate . . .

You're TEN months old! I can't believe I only have one more of these "monthly updates" to write before I'm writing about your first birthday.

You had a lot of  "firsts" this past month and you reached a lot of milestones!

You first learned early last month how to imitate us when we made a "clicking" noise with our mouth. It's so cute!

You then said your very first word on Mama's birthday! You said "Bye!" (Although it sounds more like "beh".) We weren't sure at first if you were trying to say "bye" or "Bella" since you always said it when you saw her... But we are pretty sure now it means "bye".

You went to the fair for the very first time with Dusty.

You got your first curl!

You had your first Push-Up...

You learned how to play "Patty Cake". You won't do it all by yourself yet, but you put your sweet little hands together when we start if off.

You made your first trip to Texas and met a lot of your Daddy's family -- mostly all of your cousins! You also said "bye" AND (simultaneously) waved for the first time like you had been doing it all your life.

On the way home from Texas, we found your very first tooth! It's your bottom left and it's so precious! You were a little ill today, so I think your second tooth is close behind.

You have learned 3 more words - "Da-da", "Neh-neh" (we are still trying to figure this one out?) and "Mama" (on your 10 month birthday). I was SO excited to hear you say mama for the first time, I almost cried. (Okay, maybe I teared up a little bit.) It was the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

You NEVER sit still unless you are eating/drinking or watching Mickey Mouse. You are always getting into something! You love to explore and you are intrigued by the smallest things.

You LOVE books! You will dig through the book basket, find one you like and then you will try with all your might to stand up with it and put it in my lap. It's the sweetest thing ever. We usually read almost all of them, everyday.

(You've destroyed all of the magazines in the house.)

You still get up once during the middle of the night (usually 12:30am) for another bottle. In the mornings when you wake up, you think it's fun to throw EVERYTHING out of your crib onto the floor. (Bottles, socks, toys, paci, blankets... everything in the crib you can pick up.)

You are crawling everywhere, but we aren't walking yet. You will pull up on things and walk sideways while hanging on them.

You now mostly feed yourself at every meal. (Unless you have on a very nice outfit!) You love mini micro raviolis and carrots.

You know how to get your "poofs" out of the container -- even though more end up on the floor than your mouth!

You are wearing 9-12 or 12 month clothes and you are still in size 3 diapers. I'd guess you are pretty close to 19 lbs.

You made your first trip to the corn maze on your 10 month birthday. You hadn't had a nap, so you didn't smile for pictures. Either way, you looked adorable.

And lastly, EVERYTHING is funny. I can bark like a dog and you chuckle until you are almost in tears.

I've never seen a prettier smile!

I Love you Baby Girl,

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