Monday, October 8, 2012

Past few weeks & my birthday . . .

The end of the year is always SUPER busy for us, so I am going to have to squeeze in posts when I can. I literally have something going on every single day in October except for maybe 3 days. November will slow down a bit, but I will be just as busy planning for LK's birthday party and getting ready for Christmas. 

(Sorry, this post may be a little random...)

Saturday was my BIRTHDAY! My parents came down Friday and we went and ate with family and friends that night. Since I've been married, my mom has always brought me a cake on my birthday from our AMAZING local bakery. 

 She says, "It's not your birthday without a cake!" and she always makes sure her babies have one! :) She also got me a new glass bowl for my KitchenAid mixer. I know I'm going to love it -- probably more than anything in my kitchen since it's sitting on my countertop! Saturday, my parents went back home and Benj, LK and I had a few errands to run. Nothing eventful on my birthday, but I really enjoyed spending the day with my sweet family.  It makes my birthday even more special that I have my daughter to celebrate it with.

Birthday gifts from the Benjster...

I posted this on instagram (@ashleyp2), but Benjie and I had agreed that we'd skip birthday gifts this year. (His is later this month.) We have so much going on at the end of the year and I couldn't think of anything I just needed, so I figured we'd just wait until Christmas to exchange gifts. Well, one day last week he tricked me into thinking that he was going to take LK to work with him and run some business errands so I could sleep late. (Much much needed!) Turns out, him and LK went to Saks and picked out Mama's birthday gift. I told him when I was pregnant that I needed some new brown flats and I've picked these up before... but I never said, "Hey I want these" or even tried them on. I've never said anything about a Louie wallet. He picked both of these out on his own and it melts my heart that he did such a good job! I mean, I LOVE them both and the shoes fit perfect! He may drive me crazy sometimes, but he has a heart of gold. Everyone is always commenting about how well he treats me and how "he's not like most men" and it always snaps my attitude back in place towards him. I am so so thankful to be his wife!

Yesterday we overslept and didn't make church so we ended up going to get more fall/winter clothes for LK. 

I like to take pictures of her in new outfits (first pic, aren't those boots adorable!?) and the other two were at lunch yesterday. She's gotten to where she yells, smiles, or waves at every person that walks by. It's a toss up for each person (ha!). She likes to grunt (very loudly) at us when we don't give her some of our food or a sip of our drink. It's crazy how much she's starting to interact with us. I guess we're just so used to a little wrinkly crying baby -- that they do, infact, grow up!

She's learned to imitate us when we do a "clicking" sound with our mouth. She's also learning Patty Cake and will put her sweet little hands together when you start it off.

She's also said her first word... "Bye!" Although we really aren't sure if that's what she's trying to say or not. Sometimes it's more like a "beh". She always says it when she sees our dogs, so we aren't sure if maybe she's trying to say "Bella" or just "bye." Either way she's says it ALL DAY LONG.


Y'all, I've been trying to get this child to say "Mama" since she came out of the womb! Still working on it. :/

In the mornings, she's ALWAYS this happy. I usually sit in the glider for an hour or so at a time and watch her play, but she's either stuck to my leg (like in this pic) or she's trying to get my phone or iPad. I don't know why we buy this child toys!

This was our attempt to "transition" our summer clothes before putting them away.

Fall mantel for the year... I didn't get a chance to shop for any decor, so I had to work with what we already had.

Lastly, I made my first pair of ruffle pants! And they took me FOR-FREAKING-EVER! The ruffles are supposed to be "random" but I'm so OCD I tried getting them perfect. After the second attempt to sew them on, I just went with it and let them do their job. I will be able to knock the next pair out a lot quicker, but either way, they're worth the effort. I'm working on a shirt to match tonight.

I have tons of LK pics and updates, but I will try to save those for her 10 month post so I won't bore y'all with the same stuff over and over. I should have plenty to blog about in the coming weeks!

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  1. She is too cute. Happy belated birthday to you!

  2. What iPad apps do you have for your sweet girl? I've been on the lookout for some good ones!