Monday, October 22, 2012

Reasons I Love Fall . . .

First of all, I did a little "cleaning" up on my blog layout. It's not finished, but it's a change of scenery for now. ;)

This weekend was jam-packed with some fun fall events! Saturday we spent the early afternoon celebrating a sweet friend's first birthday then we went to our local fair. It was (really) crowded so we didn't get to see and do everything, but it was still fun to get out and see some of our friends. Sunday after church we had lunch with some of our friends and then went to our local fall "western town". It's kind of a country take on Gatlinburg and every attraction is handmade. They have a corn maze, petting zoo, wagon train, pig race, pony rides, and lots more. We all had babies and they were too young to do most of the "attractions", but it was still enjoyable. I had been excited about getting LK's picture with the pumpkins, and they had the saddest display of pumpkins you'd ever seen (I was told there were hundreds of pumpkins, but there were like 10.) I had to work with what we had....

This was their pumpkin display.

I took about 300 pics of LK and our friends' little boy. I quickly edited these few but may try to go to a nearby pumpkin patch (a real one) and take a few more... I'm just not satisfied with these. (She also hadn't had a nap all day and didn't smile the entire time we were there.)

I also got to try out my new camera lens! I have been wanting a 50mm for a while and I finally got one last week. I have a lot of picture-taking to do in the next 2 months and it'd benefit me more to have it now rather than later. It's wonderful, but going to take a little getting used to (compared to my kit lens). 

LK also turned 10 MONTHS today! I will have a nice long post for y'all soon. ;)