Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Lily Kate . . .

You are ELEVEN months old! You have only one more month until you are classified as a "toddler" and Mama is not liking this at all! :(

Your little personality has really developed, and you've even gotten a little attitude! You smile and laugh a lot when you are happy but you throw fits when you are mad. You like to throw things (toy, paci, bottle, etc.) when you don't get your way. I can already envision the terrible two's!

(You are into everthing!)

You LOVE to go "bye bye". We usually go shopping a few times a week and you never act up! You love waving and telling everyone you see, "Bye Bye!" We always have plenty of strangers walk up and talk to you and tell you how cute you are. We've made lots of friends. :)

You aren't walking on your own yet, but you love exploring the house in your walker. You will even run and "slide" in it. You still sit in your jumper while watching Mickey Mouse, but you are outgrowing it. You will stand by yourself if you don't realize you're actually doing it.

(We got a lot of "boy" sleepers from your cousin, Dusty. We found out they sleep just as well! ;)

 You like to give us things. You will dig through your toy basket, get a toy, and crawl over to us, and hand it to us for us to take. We always say "Thank you!" and you've started saying "Schank-cho" when we give it back to you. So cute! 

You had your first fever this month. Mama got sick first and then about a week later you started feeling bad. We took you to the doctor and you had two small ear infections and bronchitis. We had to give you drops in your ears, antibiotics, and breathing treatments. You are feeling much better now but still not 100% better. It was a rough week for us all -- you didn't like taking your breathing treatments and you only slept about an hour at a time at night. You did let me rock you to sleep several times last week and Mama soaked it up. You only wanted to be held when you felt bad. We even cuddled up in blankets and watched TV on the couch a few times.

You really only want your pacifier when you are sleepy. We always keep a few by your crib in case you wake up during the middle of the night. Somehow, they all end up on the floor! You don't really miss it though, and you don't care for it during the day. If you find one, you will pop it in your mouth for 10 minutes or so and then you forget about it. I don't think it's going to be hard to break you from it at all.

 You like to jump on your bed during the middle of the night and earlyyyy in the morning. You also like to throw everything out of your bed onto the floor. Then when you are tired of jumping and have nothing in your bed, you cry and let us know you're awake.

Almost all of your meals are self-fed now. You love chicken nuggets and you love mini raviolis. You get in trouble a lot because you like to feed Daisy and Bella. You can always find them under your high chair at supper! 

I can't really say whether you're a Daddy's girl or a Mama's baby. You love playing with your Daddy but your eyes light up when you see your Mama. You don't like me to get out of your sight!

You were 20 pounds when we took you to the doctor last week. You are wearing 9-12 / 12 month clothes, a size 3 diaper, and a size 2 shoe.

You used to give us lots of shuggies, but now only your stuffed animals get them! 

You are now in a "big girl" car seat. You love it!

You were also in your first "fender bender" this month. Nothing serious, but it scared us all. 

We know you're just curious, but we also call you "Nosey" becuase you are always into other people's business! If we are at a restaurant, you lean over and stare at the other people beside us, and if other kids are playing, you want to see what they are up to! 

You probably love our phones more than any other toy that you have. 

You also now have TWO teeth! And they are darling! 

You can now say "Mama", "DaDa", "bye bye", and "Thank you". You've tried to say "Daisy" but it just didn't come out like you wanted. You haven't said "nah-nah" lately. You hardly ever say "bye bye" without that little wrist flapping. :)

You are SO much fun right now! Even though it makes me sad to see you growing so fast, I am loving this age! I can't even picture what life was like before you!

I love you Baby Girl,

P.S. I will have a nice long detailed post coming for you on your one-year birthday!

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