Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I promise I'm still alive. 

Last year when we got pregnant and found out we were due at the end of the year, I knew we'd always have a busy end-of-the-year, but I really had no clue! We are 40 days away from LK's party and I feel my blood pressure rising like it did my thesis semester. We have Thanksgiving this week, lots of kid's birthday parties (end-of-the-year baby boom), our anniversary, LK's birthday, Christmas, and then LK's birthday party after Christmas -- and I have to plan, decorate, and buy gifts for them all. Then I have my Etsy shop that has been getting LOTS of orders! I am so pleasantly surprised and blessed. (Extra income when it's needed!) Then there's my "craft list". I am making a few Christmas things for our home, plan to make LK a few Christmas things, and I have a whole STACK of things that need to be monogrammed for Christmas. Even as I type this, I have about 12 tabs open in my internet browser with things that need to be done. Ugh. Then there's my normal Mommy/Wife duties to do around the house. There's only a few hours during the day when I can actually focus to get something done. Any other time, I'm taking care of LK and chasing her around the house. I'm trying to slowly "deep clean" here and there so I'm not stuck cleaning like a mad woman the week before Christmas. (Granted, our house is normally clean but I like to scrub baseboards, clean vents, touch up the grout, and the such at least twice a year. It's all due!) I also have another list of to-do's that I've negotiated with myself to put off until after the new year. (Like finally starting LK's baby book!)

And I'm not complaining, I'm just OCD and I feel out of control when I have a million things going on at once. I've tried lists but they just don't help. I'm thankful that I have the time that I do as a stay-at-home mom and I'm thankful that I have a family to do these things for. I truly enjoy it and I know I'll be complaining how bored I am after the New Year! ;)

I get lots of comments from people saying they follow my blog and I feel so bad that I don't post more often. I feel like I am letting people down and they will eventually stop reading because it's been weeks between posts lately. Please bear with me y'all! I'm about to have lots to post about!

First of all, I'm finally better. The flu is going around, so it very well may have been the flu. Thankfully I'm not scared of shots and got three to clear it up quick. But, now my Lily Kate is sick. :( We met my mom last Friday to help us take care of LK while we test drove and bought a new ride. (I traded in my truck -- I'll post later on that.) She texted me today and said SHE now has the flu so our Thanksgiving plans are pretty much shot. I was up all night with LK last night and we took her to the doctor today. She has two minor ear infections and what I assume is bronchitis. We have to do nebulizer breathing treatments every 6 hours and we also got an antibiotic and ear drops. I am praying my sweet baby gets a good night's sleep and feels better tomorrow. I hate seeing her like this.

This was her last night before everything really kicked in. She likes "looking at the baby in the phone". :)

And this was her this morning. She had a low grade fever some of the night and this morning.  (This was the first fever she's ever had!)

I hate her being sick, but I am soaking up the cuddly side of her! (P.S. I got those slippers at Walmart -- most comfortable things ever!)

Wednesday my baby will be 11 months! (Post coming soon!) Someone referred to her as a "toddler" last weekend and I almost cried. :(

I posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago but never posted it on my blog. I had intentions to make a "P" for the middle of the wreath, but never got around to it -- and this wreath will come down sometime this week. (I have everything to make the "P" and it'd probably take all of 5 minutes to make. Why can't I get things done!?)

 I bought this for one of LK's birthday gifts and it finally came in last week. It turned out much cuter than I imagined! (This will be a lot easier for the nursery at the church instead of the 15-pound diaper bag.)

Friday after car shopping, we treated Mom to supper at our favorite hamburger joint. Miss Priss spilled juice all over her clothes (completely soaked) so we had to wear our awesome glow-in-the-dark Halloween pajamas for supper. I think she looked exceptionally cute - even if it is mid-November. :)

We went to a birthday party Saturday (before she started feeling bad) and she had a blast playing with the other kids. 

Although, she thinks she's older than what she really is!

Saturday after the birthday party, I needed to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for LK's invites. We stayed in town and met friends for sushi -- always a favorite for us with two of our favorite people!

And this evening Benjie picked up LK's medicine and he also got her a "sick happy".   (We will have to save some of the smaller parts for later.) And if you look behind there, (not the clothes hanging) Mama also got flowers. He is so good to us!

I just wrapped up our Christmas card tonight. I'll post it when I've mailed them out. I am assembling LK's party invitations myself and I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into! I'll also post those too and offer them in my Etsy shop after the New Year. :)

 Let's see if I can get my house decorated for Christmas this week!?

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