Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week in pictures...

The tree...

We've had this bronze/copper/gold decor for a few years now. I added in a little leopard this year and we're planning to completely redo the tree and mantel next year. 

The mantel...

(New stockings coming next year too.)

Outdoor wreath that I made...

(I never took a pic of the urn/tree and other outside decor and I'm too lazy and warm to go outside and take one now - but I will this week! ;)

Last week at the Christmas parade -- She does this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I take a picture with my flash. (That's why I only posted one of the 25 I took.)

This baby is obsessed with the baby in the mirror. We have to fight her for "shuggies" but this little toy (and Pooh) gets at least 15 fight-free kisses a day.

My mom and I went shopping last Saturday to finish up Christmas shopping (mostly for Benjie). I found a lot of good deals and we finished off the day by scarfing down a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts all by ourselves.

This was my favorite find of the day...

I have been wanting a Le Creuset braiser for FOREVER. I found one for $100 bucks at TJ Maxx! It's not my ideal color -- but to save $200, it could be poop green.

Lily Kate had her birthday portraits last Wednesday, so earlier in the week we tried on all of our outfits to make sure they still fit -- this is a personal favorite! 

I also stayed up until 1am making this turkey a cake to smash. 

I CANNOT wait to show y'all the pictures! She didn't smile much (she was in a very serious mood for some reason), but we still got some good shots.

This is now how my child sleeps. I've tried (quickly) swapping the bottle for a paci and she won't take it. I try to wait long enough to make sure she's in a deep sleep before I take it out of her mouth but she always wakes up grabbing for it. I'm not sure what we're going to do when we start weening the bottles in a few weeks. :/ Any pointers?

Along with the Christmas cards, I had another "Oh no" moment yesterday. Benjie surprised me with a really nice spa gift certificate the night before LK was born. I realized yesterday I haven't used it all and it expires next week! I got a massage today, but I still have to figure out time to get 2 more massages in the next 8 days! What a terrible problem to have! Ha! 

We have a busy week/weekend, so more pictures to come! I also have a post coming about LK's party and our "house mess". You'll see.


  1. yay !! i love when you have a new post .your tree looks amazing . Cant wait to see LK's 1st year pictures and Omg the Cake looks amazing . your so talented in all your project !!

  2. Beautiful!!!! Love the tree. Ours is VERY simple and small this year and it's kinda making me twitchy not to have that super pretty tree but I already have plans for next years tree ;)
    Hey, can you email me at kristen.scarbrough84 (at) yahoo (dot) com pretty please? I finally have a theme for baby girls party and it needs a custom invite, I was HOPING you could design one for me?? I will give you all the details :) I suppose I could have convo'd you on etsy but I just thought I'd comment on here ;) Can't wait to hear from you!

  3. Thank y'all so much!

    Kristen, I wanted to buy more stuff for my tree this year, but I had to make myself stop! Besides, hardly anyone is going to see my tree this year :/