Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Lily Kate . . .

I knew this day would eventually come... you are ONE YEAR OLD

I am so proud of you and I am so so lucky to be your Mommy. Your Daddy and I love you very very much and we can't imagine life without you! You are the smartest, most adorable one year old I've ever seen! 

You spent your birthday with your Mama and Daddy. We had to take Mama's vehicle to get fixed, so we spent the whole day together.  First, we took you to your pediatrician to get your ears pierced. I've debated whether to get them done, but I decided I'd wait until you were a year old. I felt like getting them done before then would take away from your "babyness" and the pediatrician wouldn't do them until atleast a year anyway. They numbed your ears beforehand, so you didn't feel anything. (I know you won't remember!) They pulled your hair a little bit when they took the tape off and you cried a little then, but we were so proud of you! 

After we got them pierced, we dropped the truck off and went shopping, got some lunch, and shopped a little more. We wanted to take you to see Christmas lights, but it was just too crowded and busy 4 days before Christmas. I made sure to get a picture of you EXACTLY at 12:32 - the time you were born. 

Four days later, Santa came to see you! I guess Santa thought you were good this year because he came and left you all kinds of goodies. You had a blast playing with everything on Christmas morning.

The day after Christmas, Mama started taking down the Christmas decor to get ready for your party. I decided to have your party after Christmas for that reason -- I wanted you to have your own decor and not have to share it with all of the "Christmas stuff". You had a vintage, "shabby chic" themed party. It was very appropriate for a sweet little girl. (I know you will want character themed parties from here on out, so this was Mama's only chance with free reins!) You had about 30 friends/family come over for your party. You had so much fun playing with all of the kids! We will have to start having play-dates with them more often! 

You tore into your smash cake like a pro -- but you did have a little practice about 3 weeks beforehand at your 1-year photo session...

At your one-year checkup, you were 20 lbs 6 oz and 28.5" long! The nurse said you grew over 2 inches in 3 months! You are wearing 12month clothes and 18month sleepers. We are finishing up our last pack of size 3 diapers before graduating to 4's. (Although we put a 4 on you now at night.) You are now in a size 3 shoe. We thought your feet would never grow! 

You have two teeth on the bottom and you're cutting a top tooth now. It's allllmost there, which is why you've been fussy for the past few days. 

You go to bed around 7:00pm and sleep until around 6:30-7:00 the next morning. You still usually wake up around midnight wanting your bottle of milk. You have never been attached to a pacifier, but you love your bottle of milk! You usually fall asleep with them in your mouth, and if you wake up, you are looking for it to soothe yourself back to sleep. I usually have to wait until you finish the milk and fall asleep so I can take it out of your crib. You take two naps a day -- one morning nap around 9:00 and one afternoon nap around 2:00.

You've been eating 2 good meals a day. We haven't incorporated "breakfast" yet because you have always had a bottle of milk when you wake up in the mornings. But, we've started easing you into breakfast (and less milk) since you turned one. The doctor also gave us the 'go-ahead' on cow's milk. That saves us about $50 a week! It seems like you are adjusting fine so far. We're also starting to ween you from bottles, which I know is going to be the toughest part because we usually give you your bottle when we lay you down for a nap.

You love chicken nuggets, raviolis, carrots, hotdogs and spaghetti noodles. (You will entertain yourself forever with a few noodles!) You also love anything "sweet" that we let you taste. (Who doesn't!?) We know when you like something because you always say, "Mmmmmm!" after your first taste. You aren't the biggest fan of your green veggies. If we serve them with something else, you always eat the "other" thing and throw your veggies on the floor to Daisy and Bella. So, we usually try to give you your veggies first before anything else.

You can say Mama, Da-da, Daisy, Bye bye, and Thank you. (No one else can understand Thank you, but Mama knows what you're trying to say!) Just in the past few days you've really started imitating us more. I think your vocabulary is really about to take off! You can clap your hands (when we say "Yayyyy Lily!" or play Patty Cake), you've just starting "rolling them up" (for our shortened version of Patty Cake), and you LOVE to wave 'bye bye' to EVERYONE. 

You are so close to walking (we've said that for months now) but you're not quite there yet. I know you can, I just think you are completely content with crawling. You go anywhere you want to! If we let you hold a finger, you will walk like there's no tomorrow. If we let go, you ease back down to the floor and crawl. 

You love to play "Where's Lily?" When we look around and say "Where's Lily?" you find the nearest piece of fabric (clothes, blanket, towel, whatever) and throw it over your head. If there's nothing, you just use your hands. 

We just started teaching you how old you are! When we ask, you throw that little finger up with pride! 

Just this week we started learning all of the animals from a farm you got for your birthday. After teaching you what they were for a while, I lined them up and got you to point to the one I asked for. Coincidentally or not, you got almost all of them right!

You love books. You also love to stack things and fitting things together. You have a set of stackable cups and you will sit there for hours and try and make them fit toghether. And, you try until you succeed. You have some of the best fine motor skills for a one year old! 

You are ALWAYS making us laugh. Either your little faces you make, the smiles and laughter (you love to laugh) or just flat-out being silly. One day in the mall, you were playing "where's Lily" with your dress.

With all of this, you've also gotten a little temper in the past few weeks. You're so sweet, but you have your moments. If you don't get what you want, you either swat at us, or you throw the nearest thing you can reach. You HATE for us to tell you "no". You automatically curl that little bottom lip out and will normally test us and try it again while looking at us.

I look back at your pictures and I just can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It seems like yesterday you were just born, but at the same time, it feels like you've always been here and part of the family. Mama prayed and prayed for a baby for quite a while before God blessed us with you. Want to know something else? (You're the first one I've told this to!) I've always dreamed of raising a beautiful daughter. After your Daddy and I prayed at night that God would bless us with a baby in His timing, I secretly prayed at night for a daughter. Yes, I would have been thrilled if He blessed us with a boy, but God gave me exactly what I asked Him for -- YOU! If you ever wonder if God really answers prayers, just know that you are proof! Always remember -- you are God's child. He created you and gave us the privilege to be your Mama and Daddy and raise you. Please never ever forget that! I pray everyday that we raise you how God intended us to. You deserve nothing less! 

Happy birthday precious angel! We love you so so much and can't wait to see what this year has in store! 

I love you Baby Girl,

 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” -Matthew 21:22

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