Monday, January 21, 2013

Free Printable: Fabric Drawer Labels

Okay, I know this one is pretty specific, but I made this template for our current project (which I'll share soon) and I figured I'd share the template with y'all. Surely someone else buys these things and wants pretty printed labels! 

I've already done the work and measuring for you -- just make sure you DO NOT scale the file when printing, and they should fit perfectly. Cut out along the darker outer line, and your text should not go outside the lighter inner line (this is where the "window" should be). 

Here's the instructions:
When you arrive at the download site, click "File" then "Download". After downloading, you will need to Adobe Reader to open the files. If you do not have it installed, you can download the latest version HERE.

Simply open the file in Adobe Reader and click "Highlight Fields". All editable fields should then turn blue. Use your cursor to make the field active and type your text. "Ctrl" + "E" will bring up the properties tool palette and you can change font, color, size, spacing etc. If you want your text centered vertically and/or horizontally, click "More" in the properties tool palette and then the "Paragraph" tab.

I have embedded the font shown in the first image as the default (Anna-Banana from Kevin and Amanda) -- but you are welcome to change it to any font you'd like!

A few other things... You can only use one line of text on these -- but you can scale down the text to fit as much as you need on one line. Also please note that you can use this file as much as you'd like but you will not be able to "Save" the text typed on the file -- you will however be able to send the open file to your printer. And lastly, please remember to make sure you download the file first and then "open with" with Adobe Reader. If the file is opened in a web browser, it may not have editing capabilities. That's it! Enjoy!

You can download the file HERE.

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