Monday, January 28, 2013

Insta-Dump and 10 Monday Randoms

Okay, so we will start with the randoms...

1. I've already failed miserably at my New Year's resolution. What was it? To blog more. January is almost over and I haven't blogged the first thing about 2013. I even wrote a wordy, boring post about why I want to blog more (mostly being to print my blog into books, sorted by year, for my kids to read when they're grown) and never even posted it. Commendable, Ashley.

2. I think about all the things I plan to blog about while laying in bed at night and I draw a complete blank when I sit at my computer the next day.

 3. Lily Kate has finally started sleeping through the night again. Hallelujah!

4. However, she threw her first real fit in Wal-mart last night. I mean a full on, toddler version, throw-yourself-on-the-floor-and-kick-and-scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind of fit. All Benjie and I could do was look at each other and laugh. Maybe because we both realized this is just the start.

5. I'm also now the mom that rips open a box of cheese crackers mid-aisle to keep my kid quiet and happy... for like 5 minutes. (She really does love to shop though... In her defense, we went late last night and it was past her bedtime.)

6. "Project: Playroom" is about 50% done. If you follow me on instagram (ashleyp2) you've seen a few sneak peeks, but I'm really going to work hard and get it done in the next week or so.

7. Family vacation 2013 is booked! We're going later in the spring and I CANNOT wait. Thanks, Groupon for a deal too good to pass up.

8. I've never been more ready for warmer weather! As much as LK loves her bath time, I know we are going to have so much fun in the pool this year. I've already bought her two swimsuits. Secondly, I hate dressing for in-between weather... The kind of weather when everyone looks at you stupid if you are wearing shorts (in January), but it's too hot for a long sleeve shirt or your cute fall clothes. I know, first world problems, huh?

9. I have turned into a nocturnal human being. I'm being totally serious. I've always said if I could change one single thing about myself it would be "to be a morning person". Usually after LK goes to bed, Benjie and I eat supper and watch a few of our DVRs and then I get on the computer for a few hours while he usually ends up snoozing off for the night. More times than not, I look at my clock and it's 1:00am and I am still WIDE AWAKE. Then when I make myself go to bed, it's usually another hour or so before I fall asleep... and then it's usually around lunch time before I feel "awake" again, no matter what time I wake up. I was like this when I was pregnant and on bed-rest, but it didn't matter then because I could sleep all day. Well, now I can't and I've got to do something about this! I'm being totally serious when I ask... Is there a way to reset your biological clock? I'd love to be able to wake up earlier than LK and get things done, but honestly, I wake up when she does. I've NEVER been a morning person and I hate it. I know most of y'all are saying, "Um, just go to bed earlier..." But the thing is, I'm not the least bit sleepy anytime before midnight. I've even thought about taking a sleeping pill to make myself go to bed earlier, but I really don't want to get in the habit of doing that either. 

 10. Wrapping it up, life has been slow since LK's birthday party. And thank the Good Lord -- because I needed some down time. I'm starting to get winter cabin-fever... another reason I'm ready for warmer weather. Hopefully LK will be walking in the next month (she's SOOOO close y'all) so we can get out and play at the park and do fun stuff outside.

And here's my Insta-Dump, with a few extras thrown in.
Forgive me for being insta-overwhelming. I have a whole month to catch up on.

Here's what we've been up to lately...

Benjie bought us a $50 nice 30-second firework to shoot off on New Year's eve. Baby Girl wasn't a fan.

Our first attempt at pigtails! So presh.

My back porch has been transformed into a woodworking shop.

Wittle Bennie Boo Boo! I found these pics of Benjie last week cleaning out LK's closet. Gosh, I see so much of her!

I'm not gonna lie -- This kinda makes me want a little boy.
See what I mean!?


Nap hair and Minnie glasses. Winning combo.

 Happy. Happy. Happy. (Only to be said in Phil Robertson's voice.)

 We are transforming our "work-out room" (fourth bedroom) into the new "playroom" (read: #priorities). The walls were originally khaki, but I painted them Sherwin Williams 'Sea Salt'. I love it and I'm kinda wanting to paint our bedroom this color now.

We went to Home Depot a few weeks ago to get supplies for our "project" and we let Miss LK push the buggy. Yes, she pushed it all over the store (with a little help). And then she tried to smuggle candy at the checkout. Only the beginning.

I've been wanting a monogram necklace for a while and I finally "treated" myself right before Christmas. It took a little longer to arrive than expected, but totally worth the wait. It's even more gorgeous in person.

She now has a sunglasses obsesh... She's her mother's daughter!
Outfit of the a day.
(Frye "Paige" boots, Boot socks from Etsy, Walmart Leggings, A&F undershirt, Nordstrom Chambray, LV "Eva" crossbody in Damier.)

Last week I had a serious chocolate craving, so I ordered us 'Triple Chocolate Meltdowns' from Applebeee's Curbside and sent Benjie into town to pick them up.

 She loves to throw her diapers all over the floor. (And sometimes she will pick them all back up.) If it keeps her fully occupied for 20 minutes, you sometimes just let these things slide.
 A few days ago, I put 'Punzel on from the DVR and Miss Priss climbed up in her chair with her juice, snack cup, and blanket and watched it for almost half an hour. This child loves her chair and loves to watch TV. 

 Lily the Billy Goat. (She has the remote in her hand... Like she knows what she's doing.)

 Benjie had a request last week for my homemade Chicken n' Dumplins. I'm not gonna lie, I make a pretty mean dumplin'! But the recipe really is so simple.
I put all of my recipe "Keepers" in my 4x6 binder, so I usually type them and print them out. You can download my file {here} to print (along with the 7up biscuits -- They're soooo good!) or you can go {here} and read the instructions from the source. 

I joked on Instagram about my daughter in 'Mater' pajamas, but we go through 2 (sometimes 3) outfits a day, we're low on footed sleepers right now since she just hit a huge growth spurt, and these were given to us. I have no shame. 

I was playing with Lily last week and she tried taking my phone. Every time I told her "No", she made this face.

 IHOP'n it for supper last night.

This face is a pretty usual occurrence nowadays. (Because she does things she isn't supposed to and gets told "no" a lot.)

I was cleaning out my jewelry box and found my super cool initial ring from like 2nd grade. This thing is at least 20 years old.  (That made me sound old.) Would this be considered back in style now?

If anyone is looking for a lamp similar to Lily Kate's, I found this at Hobby Lobby for $34! (The ruffles could use a little fluffing.)

We've now graduated from walking while holding a finger to holding just a pants leg. (I'm aware my husbands feet aren't his best feature.)

One thing I hate -- Cute (and expensive) holiday clothes that still fit after the holiday is over. This is my attempt at stretching out the use of our striped Christmas ruffles. I was worried it'd still look 'candy cane-ish' but it turned out better than I thought. 

This was last night BEFORE the tantrum in Walmart. Sassy Pants.


  1. Hi Ashley! I love your cute blog!
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  2. Thank you so much Anna! :) Hopefully I can get around to posting about it soon ;)