Thursday, February 21, 2013

For your entertainment...

Here's a few videos of LK that I've taken in the past few weeks.

This first one was taken the day she really started walking by herself (without Mama or Daddy near her)...

This one... gosh. I still laugh to tears everytime I see it. As Benjie was taking her diaper off to put her in the tub, she pee-pee'd on the floor. And well.... apparently that's pretty funny...

This was only 30 seconds of about a 5 minute video. I had to edit out some nudity and I wasn't sure if y'all would really want to hear 5 minutes of her cackle (although I don't see why you wouldn't ;)

This one -- Mercy, I'm going to have my hands full!

And this last one isn't as exciting, but thought it was sweet. Lily Kate and our Morkie, Daisy have a love/hate relationship. Lily loves Daisy, and Daisy hates Lily. Lol. Daisy will be 8 years old later this week, so she has a pretty low patience for all of the hair-pulling LK does. I though it was sweet to see them being friends... for just a second. :)

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