Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Phone Dump

Okay, so we're all alive and well! It seems like the longer I wait to post, the harder it is to catch up with everything. I'm just going to dump my phone out for y'all and narrate along the way. :)

(And sorry, almost every single one of these is of LK.)

 A few weeks ago, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to the beach for the weekend. We went with my brother and his family and all had a wonderful time! We shopped and ate LOTS of yummy seafood. It was a short trip, but a nice little getaway.

(They had more fun playing on this cart than anything.)

Dusty is such a good big cousin!

We all enjoyed watching the babies play in the sand before supper one night. 

A few weeks ago I changed LK's earrings for the first time to these adorable little pearl studs... and it was by far one of the most challenging things I've ever done in my life. Mercy.


Hehe, should we get the baby a bigger bed? (We're planning to buy the toddler bed conversion kit for her crib later this summer.)

She will ATTACK you if she sees a white styrofoam cup in your hand.

The Saturday before Mardi Gras, we spent the afternoon at a parade with Benjie's parents. It was LK's first MG parade -- and she had no idea what to think. EVERYONE threw her something. This was at the start of the parade, so you can image what our loot looked like 30 floats later.

I'll post video in just a bit, but... SHE'S WALKING!

She took her first few steps when we were on the coast and since then, she started taking 3-4 steps at a time. One day I let go of her hand, and she just took off!  She's now a little pro and is practically running everywhere. 

THIS happened last week. I finally had to clean the Tupperware tub out and purge some of the baby things. I HATE cleaning out her stuff, because I want to keep EVERYTHING!

If she's quiet, she's up to no good. This was right after I went into panic mode because I couldn't find her.

Valentine's day... This year and last year. (*tear*)

 Benj surprised "his girls" with a yummy cake for V-day! 

I ordered this little (JellyCat) cutie for LK's Easter basket. So precious. (Like we don't already have enough stuffed animals... I have NO IDEA where they all come from.)

Speaking of stuffed animals mermaids, I ordered LK the sweetest little Blabla mermaid for her birthday... IN NOVEMBER. I emailed the company many many times asking about my order with no response. Finally in January, they wrote me and told me that they "were out" and they were getting Blabla to find another one. Well I got this email last week...

Mmmmmm-Kayyyyy. I was really bummed because although I love ALL Blablas, the new mermaids just aren't nearly as cute. I wanted to give her some kind of "timeless" stuffed toy for her first birthday and I was really disappointed that it not only didn't show up in time, but it didn't show up at all.

Well Monday when my mom, LK and I went shopping, I walked in a boutique and saw a basket of Blablas and dug this out...

I guess it was meant to be after all. I originally ordered the mini, but since the larger was all they had, I snatched it up. Crazy how the Lord can work in even the smallest ways! These were also taken Monday on our little shopping trip...

Okay, so this is a crappy picture, but has anyone else fell in LOVE with Piko tops as much as I have!? I have already ordered two more. They are like silky heaven! (That don't show off your tummy after you've eaten too much.)

This was mid-afternoon, about an hour past her nap time. She eventually fell asleep like this. Lol. Poor thing!

I won't bore y'all with all of her "milestones" yet -- I'll wait and post those on her 15 month birthday. I can't believe she's going to be 14 months tomorrow! 


  1. She is so precious. And, I love her pearls.

    I LOVE that mermaid doll. So ADORABLE.
    We're going to the beach soon for like 4 days and I can NOT wait. Daven has never seen the ocean and that much sand. He will be in "sand box Heaven!"

    Can't believe she is walking!

  2. Lovely pics! I love being organized too... That cake looked delicious