Friday, February 22, 2013

Playroom progress...

So in my mind I had planned this 'grand reveal' of the playroom (completely finished).... but the lazy bug has gotten all over me and Project: Playroom is currently on standby. It'll happen one day, but probably not anytime soon, so I will just update the progress until I'm finished. 

Now that Lily Kate is into everything she isn't supposed to be in, we decided to transform our 'workout room' that never ever ever got used into a functional close-the-door-when-company-comes playroom. You may remember, but we had bamboo flooring in all of our bedrooms and due to water damage from Isaac, we replaced all 3 bedrooms with carpet. (By the way, I love the carpet SO much more in the bedrooms. Our master bedroom still has bamboo, but I wish now we had put carpet down in there, too. It may not look as nice, but it's much more comfortable and cozy!)

So when we replaced the carpet, we moved our treadmill, bench and weights into the garage. (And surprisingly, Benjie uses it more now.) 

First thing I did was conjure up a basic idea and pick a color palette. I wanted it bright and fun, but still have a vintage vibe of my style. I found a few things that inspired me...

The first two are by Katie Daisy. I LOVE her work. She's an amazing artist! The last two were vintage-y frames that caught my eye at Hobby Lobby. 

For now, I have picked this color palette...

I want something feminine but not to frilly and girly. If we ever have a little boy down the road, I don't want to have to completely re-think the shared playroom space.

So the next thing we did was paint. The walls were SW-Universal Khaki and we painted them SW-Sea Salt. I've always loved the look of Sea Salt in pictures so I wanted to give it a try...

It REALLY brightened up the space!

Now where are we going to put all of these toys? I have always had my eye on the Cameron wall system from Pottery Barn. I LOVE organizational storage and I love how the pieces are so versatile and interchangeable. You can basically pick the pieces to perfectly suit your space. But, it's like $1500! Yikes! So, I did what any wife would do, and I put my husband to work. I found the knock-off plans online and got Benjie really interested in the project and even agreed that he needed to purchase a few nice tools to do the project. (That'll always get them on board! ;)
So a few saws, sanders, and metal rulers later, this was our back porch. 

He built the 'first phase' in about a week, working a few hours a day. Since the weather wasn't cooperating, we brought them inside to paint. And since we were inside, we went with a white latex. Oil-based would have been better, but I really didn't want my house smelling like paint for a week. After sanding and painting with 2-3 coats, we put a wax sealer on top.

I took this at night, so it's horrible lighting, but here's phase 1 of the wall system (minus the other drawer that was still drying)...

I bought the fabric drawers from Home Depot. The red isn't exactly what I wanted (it's a little too dark), but since the colors may change down the road, it's just a $10 fix when I find what I want. 

A few weeks later, we finished up the second stack (and this is where we're at now)...

Didn't Benjie do an AMAZING job?! This is really the first thing he's ever built and it looks like we paid someone to do it. It needs caulking in some spots, but we're going to wait until we build our house and set it up where it's going to stay. I know it's SO much sturdier and anything we would have gotten from PBK. Good thing is, we can always modify it and add more sections down the road to fit our new playroom space.

Okay, and it's NEVER this clean, but I'm sure if you have kids you can relate. I put corner protectors on the corners of the storage base, protectors in the outlets, and a guard on the door (since she tends to shut her little fingers in the door). I also added a baby-gate and completely made this room baby Lily-proof. 

Here's the comparison:

The $300 we have invested in it doesn't include Benjie's tool purchases... This includes wood, paint and hardware. 

I have already bought the next project for the walls -- I've just sit down for a weekend and paint it. It's going to be oh so cute!  We're still debating on a wall-mounted TV. I have lots of ideas flying around in my head, so I'll just keep them a mystery for now. ;)

Oh, and then there's your husband seeing his 'work of art' and then asking you...

"Hey, what can I build next?"

Babe, you have no idea the projects I can come up with!


  1. What a great playroom! Love it!


  2. Oh, I love it! Our next project after baby gets here and we get the playroom! I love the storage space!!!

  3. That is so creative. I love the colors that you used. I love the frame so much it makes me want to go to Hobby Lobby now and buy it... if only it were not Sunday.

  4. Y'all are awesome! I love how this is turning out. You can't go wrong with those cubbies. I love the color scheme too.

    ;) LK is going to LOVE this room!