Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Mommy Day" & Catsup

Benjie had a meeting last week with a few potential customers and my mom's house just happened to be en-route on his 4 hour trip. My mom agreed to keep LK for the day (I've been a little down with yucky sinus junk) and I was at home ALL ALONE for the entire day! I know I'm sounding like it's a big deal, but it kinda is! (Like blog-worthy!) See, this sort of thing NEVER happens. Both mine and Benjie's moms live about 5 miles from each other, but they live about 2.5 hours from us... so there's no "Hey, can you keep Lily Kate for the afternoon?" business. I missed LK to bits, but I took full advantage of my 'free day'! 

I had planned to let myself rest and sleep the day away, but I was up and at 'em at 8:00am. (Why does that always happen!?) I downloaded a new E-book on my iPad, made some breakfast, watched a little Price is Right (I never watch TV during the day), and even cleaned the entire house and washed all of the clothes before lunchtime. Then I just lounged for the rest of the day. It was amazing. I did a little Pinterest-ing, organized all of the files on my computer, and even dusted off the ol' embroidery machine. I know it's a lot to ask and we never truly get a "break" (at least for the next 20 years), but I can definitely see where moms would benefit from a day like that every now and then. It was the most relaxing day I've had since LK was born!

By the way, LK had a blast at her Granny's. My mom sent me this pic mid-morning...

Yes, that would be a MEGA-STUF Oreo. By the way, who's the whiz at Nabisco that decided to make these things???

My goodness gracious, it just takes an Oreo to a whole new extreme. I may or may not have bought several packages since they're claimed to be "limited edition." (You just never know when they might rip them from the shelves.)

So anyway, for the ketchup... and by that, I mean "catch-up".

I found this adorable little bubble online just a few days after we found her Blabla and I just couldn't resist it. (She has a little bruise on her forehead and we have no idea where it came from.)

It's a little big, but we have all summer to grow into it.

Last week was Daisy's 8th birthday! I feel a little bad that I never post pictures of her or Bella anymore... but that's what really happens when you have kids.

So we have introduced the potty. I know that she's not of age to potty-train yet, but we've been working on the concept. (I know kids that were fully potty trained at 18 months, so it wouldn't hurt my feelings if she learned "early".)

 A "casual" shopping day with my mom last weekend... (We all had on yoga pants and tennis shoes... P.S. Are we the only family that says "tennie" shoes? I try to be politically correct while blogging so I don't sound like the country bumpkin that I am.)

 Holy Moly, is there anything sweeter than a baby in a bonnet!? I discovered the Beaufort Bonnet Company through a few blogger moms and I'm just smitten by them! I chose the white seersucker, hoping that it will match quite a few summer outfits in her closet. Excuse these horrible pictures... I didn't even bother to dress LK or take the tags off before snapping a few pics. I was just too excited.

If you've been following my blog, you probably have heard me mention that LK has never been a 'snuggly' kind of baby. She's been this way since she was born. She's always had a very 'independent' personality and would rather be checking things out rather than snuggling.
BUT..., lately this baby will find a pacifier (she's never been into those either), crawl up in my lap and lay her little head on my chest...and lay there...for like an extended amount of time. This NEVERRRRRR happens! The first time she did it, I asked Benjie if he thought something was wrong with her! Lol. She's been doing it for the past few weeks - at just random times in the day - and we are just eatin' it to bits! I've heard some moms say that the "snuggles" come and go with age, but I sure hope these stay around for a while! I love this baby more than I can ever put into words.

  I managed to snap this before church last Sunday -- I am so glad she's walking now so that we can wear sweet little dresses to church again! She stays in the nursery, so while she was crawling, we put her in pants. Excited about our summer wardrobe!!!

After church, we had a nice day outside. Benj took LK for a ride on the mower, (don't worry, the blades weren't down) drove her car down the street, and played in the yard. She slept good Sunday night! 

Be still, my beating heart. ;)


  1. LK has the cutest church outfit!

  2. Awwwww. I love all these pictures!!!I love that bonnet. Oh, it's adorable. I wish we would have introduced the potty to Dav a lot earlier. I was fully potty trained at 18 months, so I know it can happen. My sister was too! ;) But, Dav is just now wanting to go and will run and tell us he has to go. He's actually holding it and not having many accidents in pull ups.

    Keep taking her to the potty...she will want to do it! ;)

  3. I love all the pictures too! Thank you for sharing your stories!