Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Church Egg Hunt

I did it again... I ruined another holiday by being sick! I have no idea what's up, but I used to have the strongest immune system and now it's just gone kerplunk. I didn't make it to church on Sunday morning (I am pretty sure it's strep and while I was supposed to help in the nursery, I also didn't want to sit in the sanctuary and disturb everyone else with my hacking) and I tried to make Benjie take LK to church, but he insisted on staying with me and us spending the morning together.

I had planned this big photography session in my head with LK's Easter dress (which is absolutely ADORABLE by the way) and spring-y props but it rained on Saturday afternoon as well as Sunday. AND I had the cutest outfits for us to all wear on Sunday... but things happen. Before my symptoms really set in, we were all able to make it to the church Egg Hunt on Saturday. I managed to snap a few pics so I'll leave you with these until I can take her spring pics in the next few weeks. 

(Also, I'll have my general "phone dump" for y'all soon.)

(She's become a 'bow rebel' lately, but she kept these bunny ears on the entire time!)

(I loved how Benjie was in the background in this one... I also love how I'm in NONE of the pictures. #momtogprobz)

(I think someone took the baby's candy from her.)

(LK and her cousin... It's like he's thinking, "Hey, what'd you get??")

Sickness aside, we had a wonderful weekend together and I am so so so thankful for my precious family. I'm even more thankful for the everlasting life I received when Christ died on the cross to pay for my sins. Because of the price He paid and my commitment to serve Him, I'll get to spend eternity praising Him with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ! How can that not brighten your day!?


  1. She is SUCH a lil cutie!!! :)

    Are you taking a good probiotic?? May help with the immune system. Worth a shot! You know I think Advocare is the best, but anything would probably help. A lot of our immune function comes from the gut flora.

  2. Awe she is so adorable :) cant wait to see her spring photos .