Monday, April 22, 2013

Phone Dump

I've noticed I say this at the beginning of every post:

I'm getting really bad about keeping up these days! 
Sorry this is going to be a little spacey and random...

She loves sitting with Mommy at the computer.

We had own own mani/pedi session a few weeks ago (at home) and she got pink sparkly toes, and I got a spring mint mani. (HASHTAG: cheap-pampering)

Headed for a bath COVERED in sketti-O'. Look at the pure JOY on that baby's face when we mention 'bath time'

Her swimsuit came in one (warmer) afternoon so we tried it on and went outside for a little Vitamin D.

Again, a good example of their love/hate relationship.

My sweet precious angel. I wish I could just bottle her up at this age.

We went out for bowling a few weeks ago with some of our friends that have a little boy two months older than Lily Kate. I always say we're just chaperoning their little dates. ;)

I took this picture just to document the moment... I normally spot clean her high chair and spills on the floor with this little dust buster. One day I saw her moving it around on the floor like she was "vacuuming". I decided to turn it on, just out of curiosity, and she just looked at me like, "Okay, thanks Mom" and kept vacuuming.  Most kids would drop it and run for the hills but not this one.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with her little ponytail!!! She's also started showing more of an interest in stuffed animals and baby dolls. (You'll see what the Easter Bunny got her in just a minute.)

Nothing like a pushup on the back porch. (Clearly a day we didn't get out of our jammies. We wear these a lot.)

Headed to see the Easter Bunny!

This was a day she only wanted to hold Daddy's hand. (And Benjie on the phone, as usual.)

So, not the cutest pic, but memorable. She laughed and waved at him the whole time we were in line. I wish they would've sat her more just a little bit more "lady-like". (And like I said on Instagram, I'm pretty sure that's Santa's seat... Like, 99.999% positive.)

Her Papaw and Nana left a little surprise on the porch early one morning. She was so stinkin' excited!

Dressed for her Egg Hunt.

Since we were at my moms, the Easter Bunny didn't pack up and haul a whole lot of stuff... but she was still excited.


I dusted off my embroidery machine and was able to knock a few things out these past few weeks. I have SOOOO many blank things that need to be done.

After I made my first "Frocket Tee", I decided to find LK a shirt to make her one. These really are SO quick and simple. Even considered selling them? (Maybe...)

We went to the park one afternoon. I tear up every time I think about her not being a "baby" anymore, but this stage is so so fun. 

We always hang our keys on the coat rack by the door. Well one morning when I was cleaning during her nap, I noticed she had every set of keys she owns on the rack as well. #duhmama

New hanging plants always make my heart smile.

Since we travel a lot and I'm usually throwing LK's things in beach bags or Walmart bags, I started her Vera Bradley collection. Hers is on the top -- it's a new pattern called 'Tutti Frutti'. I am in LOVE with it, and almost bought it for myself... but wanted her to have it, of course. Mine is on the bottom and it's an older, retired pattern called "Call Me Coral".

I think she loves it. ;)

This was on a shopping venture a few weeks ago... she's into EVERYTHING now when we shop. She hates to be in the stroller, she doesn't like to hold your hand, and she doesn't want to be held. She wants to go and 'do her own thing'.

P.S. - I have a huge knot dress obsession now! 

How old does she look here!?

I've filled up "Plan A", I have a few more spots left on "Plan B", and now I'm thinking up a "Plan C".

This post doesn't include the past 2 weeks, (THAT's how far behind I am!) so more to come very soon. :)

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  1. So exciting to see your updates! LK is so funny! Never a dull moment I'm sure! Do you have monogrammed things on your etsy shop?

  2. Loving the updates , also how cute is that baby pedicure also I'm loving the colour on your finger nails to its gorges , now I'm obsessed by your etsy shop got the app on my iPad do you send to the uk ?
    Please follow me
    Thank u hope to hear from you soon