Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catching up: July 2013

Benjie had a lot of work going on in around this time, so July is slightly boring, but here it goes anyway. (It's pretty random!)

July 1: I caught LK "feeding her bunny" carrots.

July 2: A swim in the pool, a mess of a meal, and dinner out with friends.

July 4: We had a fun day at our house with both my family and Benjie's family. We all wore our red/white/blue and I made festive cake pops and the cutest little blueberry/strawberry shortcake jars. Also note that LK is NOT a fan of fireworks!

(She was stuck in her doll stroller, so of course I had to snap a pic before helping her out. :P )

June 6: One of Benjie's best friends had their first baby so I made a cute little gift for them.

July 9: We got matching "kicks" and LK likes wearing mine more than her own.

July 12: I found LK sleeping in her crib like this...

July 18: LK found a new love for her horse and I found a new love for this summer polish combo...

June 20: Benjie and I had a rare "date night" and saw a few of our favorite Duck Dynasty members speak, with a Japanese dinner afterwards.

June 27: Dinner to celebrate my best friend's birthday! (LK was acting a mess this night!)

June 28: The celebration continues... Another day out on the boat for Pres' birthday!

Next, up August!

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  1. Your family is precious! I love those bibs! Did you make them? What's in the jars... looks YUMMY whatever it is!
    ~God's Yes Girl