Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catching up: June 2013

June 1: We dropped LK off with Benjie's dad for the day and we went out on the boat with some of our best friends. Such a fun time with them! We picked LK up that afternoon and they came back to our house for some serious-business Monopoly (play with Benjie and you'll understand why I say that!) and then we went back out on the boat the next day after church with LK.


June 2: LK's first time out on the boat! Once we got over the initial tantrum when we put the life jacket on her, she loved it. She's such a water baby... and good thing, because we are too! We ended the night with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

June 5: We set up a "redneck water park" on the back porch for LK.

June 10: We set up the bubble machine to add to the back yard attraction. Good times.

I also updated my logo...

June 13: Official yard-cleaning day. (We weeded, mulched, and planted a few flowers.)

June 15: Girl time at my moms while the boys watched baseball.

June 16: Father's Day! We went to Benjie's dad's house after church for some grilling and swimming.

June 17: Splash park after swimming lessons!

June 18: She LOVES dipping things in ketchup! ANYTHING!

June 20: The bracelet obsession is in full force and we had an evening on the back porch -- complete with a messy summer sherbert Push-Up.

 June 21: BabyGirl turned 18 months old! We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel after her last set of shots and then I snapped a few pics of her outside before we went with Daddy to the gym (They have daycare... We LOVE our gym!)

June 26: I finally broke out my Silhouette Cameo (that I've had for over 6 months), learned how to use it, and made a few gifts. I love glass etching!

June 28: We all did a little shopping after the gym. (She looks like such a big girl eating her Chic-fil-A!)

June 29th: This was THE big birthday party day! We drove an hour to a party at 10:00am, drove another hour to a party at 1:00pm, and then 2 hours to another party at 4:00pm... and then 2 hours home. It was a LONGGGG day.

(Custom gift tags available in my Etsy shop!)

June 30: This is a daily occurrence around our house. She's such a ham!

Next up, July! :)


  1. She cracks me up sitting eating that cake! Looks like a mid-action shot!

  2. Ok, all I must say is-- you should definitely think about selling LK's outfits-- they are precious! I would be a loyal customer! ;))