Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lily Kate's First Beach Trip

 We went to Orange Beach last year (twice, actually) but we never made it onto the sand. This year our trip was at Panama City Beach... She loved it! She was a little scared of the water at first but got over it quickly. Each night, we had a little mini photo sesh at sundown. :)

(She's 20 months here.)


  1. Beautiful job on the pictures!


  2. She is adorable! I think my favorite is the pink dress with her walking away holding it out. Such a fun time & great memories captured. :-)

  3. She's a beauty! And you mama did a great job getting ready for the photo shoot (nobody will ever know how much time we spend planing and looking for the right outfits)!
    That tutu is soooo adorable!

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