Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Lily Kate. . .

You, my precious angel, are two years old. 

These have been the fastest two years of my life.

These have been the best two years of my life.

I can barely remember what life was like before you came along... It's so hard for me to imagine what my days were like before I heard "Ma-maaaaaaaaa" screamed throughout the house 593 times a day or before I feverishly scrubbed poop from our bedroom rug because you decided it'd be fun to take your diaper off during your nap. But you're here now, you're mine, you're TWO, and that's all that matters. Here's a little about you right now...

You have the best personality ever. You shine bright as the sun, baby girl. You have a magnetic personality and you never, ever, ever meet a stranger. We hardly ever go in public without someone commenting on your personality, your smile, or how happy you are.

A few Sundays ago, we were getting out of the car, walking along the sidewalk, going into church. Another lady had just gotten out of her car and was walking beside us, a few steps ahead. You ran over to her and grabbed her hand and walked 50 yards across the parking lot with her, hand in hand. You both had the biggest smiles on your faces... You must've known she needed a walking partner that day.

 Last week, we were sitting in the waiting room at your 2-year checkup and you excitedly took a stack of books over to another mom, crawled in her lap and asked her to read to you. I politely asked you to 'leave her alone' but she insisted on reading to you. Like I said, you NEVER meet a stranger!

* * *
Girl, you are curious as a cat and you NEVER (let me repeat, NEVER) sit down or sit still. People also always comment, "Boy, she sure is a busy-body, isn't she?!" If we are in a store, you want to play in the clothes racks. If we are in a restaurant, you want to open every single one of the sugar packets and pour them on the table and try to eat the sugar with a straw. If we are home, you are car-pooling Little People all over the house in your buggy or Halloween bucket. If you are outside, you are looking for "ducks" and digging in the dirt.

And of course, it goes without saying -- that on the other side of that bright little ball of Susie Sunshine, is a stubborn, determined little girl. You hate to be restricted or told "no" and while you used to listen and mind very well, you've gotten very brave these past few months. You have been known to throw yourself down on the "nasssssie" floor in the middle of Walmart because we told you that you couldn't have or do something. You'll kick, flail your body on the floor, scream, clench your fists, or do whatever you have to do to show your frustration.

* * *
 You are currently 26 pounds and 34.5" tall. (And a 48cm head circumference, if that matters??) You are in 24 month clothes and 2/2T in some things, but most are still too long. You wear a size 5 shoe. Your height is 50-75% and your weight is 25%, so I'm sure you'll end up being on the tall and slender side.

* * *
A few things you love:

- You are obsessed with bracelets. You hardly ever keep them on long enough to wear out in public, but you are obsessed with talking them on and off, sorting them by color, and toting them around the house in your Halloween bucket. We must have 200 of them ALL OVER the house.

- Daddy is to blame, but you love sweets. You are constantly asking for a "cookie" or "cu-cake". Mama is usually the one who has to be the 'Superintendent of Snacks' so all of your teeth don't rot out, but you DO have persistence. I'll give you that.

- You love your blanket (with the satin edges) and paci and CANNOT go to bed without it. We have a nightly routine where everyone gets "shuggies" and then we have to find your "keet" (blanket) and paci before we can even think about putting you to bed. You still also get a sippy cup of milk as we lay you down, but we're planning to break that as soon as we move you to a toddler bed. (One thing at a time around here! Good thing you can't read our future plots against you yet! Ha!)

- You love to slide! You also love to "wee wee weeeeeee" all the way down. Your Daddy bought you a little plastic slide that we keep inside and we just had your birthday party at a bounce house that has a huge 20-foot slide. We had to pry you off the slide to open your presents and eat cake!

- You love animals. You are obsessed with "ki-ki's" and ducks. You love watching Puss in Boots just so you can see the cats and geese.  Every time we go outside, you are always looking for the big white crane that chills in our neighborhood and anytime we go to Granny's, you are looking for the "ki-ki". (By the way, anything with feathers and wings is a "duck".)

-You love getting your fingernails polished and trimmed. You are always playing in mama's fingernail polishes and you're always asking for your nails to be cut. You also love watching me put on my makeup and I let you play with a clean brush so you can put your own makeup on too. ;)

-You love to say "cheese" and grin from ear to ear when you see a camera. You also love to clench your fists, grit your teeth, and shake your fists violently until we are bursting with laughter. You know it makes us laugh every single time!

-You LOVE bubble baths.

-You are obsessed with letters and singing your ABC's! We can't understand all of them yet, but you are so confident when you try to say them!

-You will eat almost any food, except tomatoes. You've tried them twice and gagged both times.
* * *
Potty training: Ehhhh. I wish we could just skip this topic. YOU are ready but we're not. We will be going to Disney World next month and the thought of your precious little butt cheeks on public Disney pots literally makes my skin crawl. We will be training you via some "Three Day Plan" that I've had other moms rave about. I'll let you know how it goes! :)

I can't believe how fast these two years have gone by. I know it will seem like the blink of an eye and you'll be reading these letters yourself. I love you SO SO much and I pray everyday that I'm living up to the Lord's expectation as your mom. You deserve nothing less.

I love you, Baby Girl.

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