Saturday, August 16, 2014

A week at Seaside, FL

We made a trip to Seaside, FL a few weeks ago to meet up with a dear friend that I met in the blogging world. Such a fun time! (I'll post more on that later, hopefully.) The night before we headed home I snapped a few pics of LK at Topsail State Park. The beaches are absolutely beautiful! Since LK is still a little skiddish of the ocean, we had to get as many as we could on the boardwalk. And, there might have been a little bribery involved. ;) Here is LK at 2.5 years.

Please do not pin or share images of Lily Kate. 


  1. She is so lovely! What a perfect photo shoot!

    Ashley, you left me a note on my blog asking about where I found the red plaid silk ribbon with wire edges.... I found it at a shop in my town before it went out of business BUT~ I saw the exact same ribbon in varied widths at Neiman Marcus two days ago and it was $11 a roll and on sale --- for half off I think?
    Hope that helps!

    Happy New Year~
    Alison :)

    1. So adorable! Do you mind sharing where you found that adorable dress?

    2. So adorabale! Do you mind sharing where you found that dress?

    3. Thank you! It's by a brand named "Dollcake". I think it's a retired dress, but they have GORGEOUS ones to choose from! <3