Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dear Lily Kate. . .

Cue the confetti.... You're THREE YEARS OLD (actually you're 3 1/2... Mama's just a little late!)

We always joke that "there's none like you." You are your own unique, spunky little girl. You're so full of life (and energy!).
If I could describe you in three words right now: Talkative. Sweet. Sassy.

Talkative: You don't stay quiet. EVER. You had a bit of a speech delay where you didn't start talking until around 2 1/2. Now, you literally don't even take a breath between sentences. 

Sweet: I love how you just randomly come up to me or your Daddy, give us a hug, and say "I love you so much". You have no idea how much this can turn my bad day into a good one. You still like to hold our hand out in public and you still want us to hold you. Melts my mama heart!

Sassy: I see now what people mean by "three-nager". You're sassy, prissy, and a whole lot of stubborn. You get in trouble a lot for talking back and you don't have any problem telling mama or daddy when we've done something wrong. ("Daddy those clothes don't go on the floor... They go in the LAUNDRY ROOM!".) Haha, you like to keep us on our toes! 

* * *

The biggest thing in our lives right now -- You are going to be a big sister... to B boy/girl TWINS! You are so excited and you love to talk about the babies, pick things out for them when we go shopping, and love on mama's belly. You told your Granny a few weeks ago however, that you were going to let her keep the boy and you're going to keep the girl. You aren't too excited about a brother yet, but hopefully that will change. :) I am SO happy that you get a sister -- I never knew what it was like to have a sister and I'm so glad that you will have a best friend to grow up with.

* * *

A few things you love:

  • Playing dress up
  • Getting "mail" from your Gee (Granny)
  • Brushing or fixing your hair (usually to look like a Disney princess)
  • Coloring, drawing, and writing your name:
  • Playing on the iPad... You know your way around it better than we do! 
  • Going to Target (and getting "some popcorn and 'ICE'"'re my daughter!)
  • Playing with your baby dolls and Barbie dolls (and "practicing" with them!)
  • Snacks. Maybe a little too much. You ask for one 92384792384 times a day.

* * *

 You are currently about 30(-ish) pounds and about 38" tall. You are in 3T/4T clothes and you wear a size 7/8 shoe. You have the most beautiful long blonde hair! You just got a haircut a few weeks ago and you LOVED getting pampered. You also had a dental checkup a few weeks ago and you actually loved getting your teeth cleaned also. You're a girly girl! 

* * *

I love you SO much and I'm so proud of the little girl that you are. The (almost) four years that we had alone with you as an only child was the best four years of my life, hands down! I wish I could squeeze you back into a newborn and do it all over again. You taught me how to be a mama and I hope that I can only get better at it. You deserve the world, baby girl! I cannot WAIT to see you holding your brother and sister for the first time. I know you'll be the best big sister!

I love you Baby Girl,

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