Friday, March 11, 2016

Baby's First Easter Basket (Twin Edition)

We're almost two weeks away from Easter! I'm really loving all of these "first" holidays with the twins. This is their last "first" big holiday (cue the tears), so I'm really having fun with it. I'm also obsessed with coordinating their baskets -- like a twin mother would! I'm sharing some of our picks for the twins' first Easter basket... (But since we have boy/girl twins, it's relevant to anyone with a little babe!)


two / four / six / eight / ten / twelve / fourteen / sixteen / eighteen / twenty


  •  Get 10% off all Peekawhoo Jellycat bunnies with code "ASHLEY10" at Peekawhoo. (Medium, large, and huge sizes. Also valid on all Easter baskets! Code expires 3-17-16)
  • Get 15% off all orders from Sticky Bliss with code "BLISS".
  • I didn't know about the perks of a Target debit card until my friend, Kristen, told me about it a few years ago. Our family LOVES spending an afternoon at Target, however, since I got the Target debit, I do more shopping from home than I do at the store. Our family doesn't "do" credit cards, but with the debit card you always get free shipping and 5% off all purchases. I love hopping online when I find something and ordering it (knowing I have free shipping) instead of trying to get our little circus dressed and to the store. Click on the link below to get yours! 
Next up are LK's Easter basket picks!

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