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Newborn Essentials (Twin Edition)

We're over two months deep into taking care of the twins at home. We've finally nailed a system down where life is pretty manageable again. We're starting to go out more and we're getting a solid 6+ hours of sleep a night. (Most of the time 8-10 hours!) Below are a few products that have made our life so much easier... I consider all of these "must-haves" for all newborns -- but especially twins and preemies!

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1. Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker
Our Baby Brezza has been a lifesaver! It's basically a Keurig for baby formula. With two hungry, crying twins that are ready to eat now, a push of a button has a perfectly prepared and warmed bottle in about 10 seconds! (I have been pumping since the twins were born but we still have to supplement with formula. We like to use it for the nighttime feeds!)

2. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, Gray / (buy the plastic bags here)
Twice the babies means twice the poop and twice the diapers. I never used a diaper pail when Lily Kate was a baby and frankly, I always thought they were a waste of money. This little pail has quickly made me a believer! It holds a TON of diapers and it doesn't smell (until you take out the bag... goodness gracious!)

3. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel 8 oz
Our twins were born ten weeks early and spent almost three months in the NICU. You better believe we're serious about our germs over here. Most of the nasty germs are outside of our home so I always have hand sanitizer close by when we're out. I love this sanitizer by Purell that fits in any cup holder. I have one for the car and one for the stroller. It's easy to remember to sanitize when we get back in the car or before we touch the babies while in their stroller.

4. Solly Baby Wrap / (similar)
Our Solly Wrap has been such a lifesaver! With twins, there always seems to be at least one baby that needs attention so this wrap allows you to wear (and snuggle with) one baby, leaving your hands free to take care of the other. Brooks LOVES to be worn and I really think it strengthens the bond between you and your baby.

I used these religiously before I even had babies but I should've bought stock before I had the twins! Ha! Refer back to #3 for my reason, but I have one of these from Bath and Body Works on every bag, purse, and set of keys. (If you can't tell I always have hand sanitizer in arms' reach... I can't fathom seeing my babies back in the hospital!)

6. WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier
I had several of these when Lily Kate was a baby and we LOVE them! First, these are easy to find and grab when you have two babies screaming in your face. Second, they are so convenient to prop on a newborn when laying in a swing or car seat to keep the pacifier in their mouth. They have SO many cute little animals to choose from. (Click the link above for the elephant or click any one of these cuties below.)

7. HoMedics SS-1200 Portable Mini Sound Spa Sleep Solutions /
(baby version) / (home version)
I would've paid my life savings for LK's sound machine (home version) when she was in her worst colicky stage. She loved her sound machine and it always calmed her when nothing else would. So much, we had an app on our phones that we used constantly that simulated white noise. When I stumbled across this portable version I snatched it up as quickly as I could. The twins already love it too and it definitely drowns out my rambunctious 4 year old during nap time! 

8. Covered Goods Multi-use Nursing Cover
We LOVE this cover!!! It has four uses: nursing cover, car seat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover. We've also used it as a light blanket in a pinch. (So that's FIVE uses!) When the babies were in the NICU, I spent most of my days pumping for them. If we went anywhere I had my breast pump in tow and I quickly got used to pumping in the car. This cover made it much easier and made me much more comfortable. When the babies got home from the hospital, I used it once to cover them while we made a (midnight) run to the grocery store. When the blanket I was using on the other baby kept falling off, I went straight home and bought a second cover. We use these ALL THE TIME to cover the babies in their car seats when we're out in public. I tend to believe it's kept them from getting sick and I plan to use them to cover the shopping cart seats when they're older. They wash very well and I love how soft the fabric is. Oh, and I love how they barely take up any room in the diaper bag! 

9. The TWIN Z Nursing Pillow  / (cream) / (green) / (pink) / (blue)
I'll admit -- I probably wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't given to us as a gift. I just thought it was a glorified Boppy Pillow (which I never used with LK). Now I have no idea how we ever survived without our Twin Z Pillow! Right before the twins were born, I was really starting to reach the stage where it was impossible to get comfortable. This pillow made it so much easier to prop and wiggle into a spot that relieved all of the pressure off of my lower back. While the twins were in the NICU, I used it while I was pumping (anything to make it more comfortable) and now that the twins are home, we use it to prop them up and feed them -- at the same time!  All of my babies are side sleepers, so when they got their first solid 4+ hour nap (TOGETHER!!) on this thing, I didn't ever let it leave my sight again.

Oh and singleton moms, they've got you covered too! They also have a "ONE Z Pillow". I've never tried it and I can't say how it compares to a Boppy, but if you try it out, let me know and I'll post here!

10. Owlet Baby Monitor
This monitor has been my saving grace to get a good night's sleep with a premature baby! Our babies were born ten weeks early and both battled severe apnea and bradycardia. Brooks began to outgrow his around his due date but Lola was still suffering from it severely. The day before she was scheduled to be released she had an episode where she had to be bagged with oxygen. Scariest thing ever! That's when I went home and bought the Owlet. She ended up staying an additional month in the NICU and came home on a hospital apnea monitor. I've been using the Owlet on Brooks and I've never realized how much I rely on it for a great night's sleep!

You know that red light they clip on your finger in the hospital? It uses the same technology built into a baby sock to measure the baby's oxygen level and heart rate. We haven't had a single 'false alarm' in the month+ we've been using it. It's easy, convenient, and I love that I can open my app at night and check his stats... I can tell by his heart rate how deep of a sleep he's in or I can tell by his O2 level if I need to re-position him. (He likes to snuggle into corners.) My opinion is that you can't put a price on worry-free sleep at night!

I've partnered with Owlet and I'm pleased to offer a special promo to my readers for $20 off an Owlet of your own! No need for a code; just follow this link and the promo will automatically be applied at checkout.


Here are some other newborn essentials that have made our life so much easier! We've bought and use them ALL! (Click on the picture to open a new shopping window.)

These are our newborn "essentials"... I'll have a new post soon with some of our newborn "favorites", twin edition!


Please note that this post is not sponsored and I've bought each product with my own money and use it daily! However, some products may contain affiliate links where I receive a commission if a purchase is made.

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