Saturday, March 12, 2016

Preschool Girl's Easter Basket

 Lily Kate is now four years old. She's getting a little harder to buy for since it seems like she has everything a little girl would want. Since her birthday is 4 days away from Christmas I always like to try and make Easter feel special for her. I also like getting "something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read". These are some of our picks for LK's Easter basket!

 one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine
Lily Kate is at the age where she is starting to ask more important questions and it's very important to us for her to know the real meaning of Easter. This book is adorable!

She's growing like a weed now and definitely needs short sleeve pajamas now that the weather is warming up. (We always do jammies and toothbrushes for Easter and Christmas.)

LK really loves to doodle and draw and she really loves Shopkins right now. (I still don't get them...) This is a good way of incorporating both. We're taking the babies to church for the first time this Easter and we're planning to forego the nursery until flu/RSV season is over. I think this will be great to occupy LK while in "big" church.

We love Sticky Bliss! I'm absolutely in love with their new "Kensington" bows. The girls will be getting these in their baskets to match several 'sister sets' that I have planned for the spring/summer. Bree has also been so kind to offer my readers a discount code -- Enter code "BLISS" at checkout for 15% off!

Like I said earlier, we always do toothbrushes and jammies for Christmas and Easter. LK still loves princesses so this is a win/win for mama.

These will go great with the doodle desk!

We try to avoid as much chocolate and sugar as possible. Annie's Organic fruit snacks are a great alternative! (And they're yummy -- I snack on them all the time!)

 Since LK is really getting in an artsy stage, I thought this would be super fun! (Plus, I kinda want to re-live my childhood and play with it too. 😜)

I included the monogrammed Jellycat bunnies from Peekawhoo in my last post, but since LK already has a bunny (that she carries everywhere) I thought this unicorn would make a good addition to her "squad". These are SO soft and I find the unicorn incredibly adorable! 

Up next in this series are our newborn "favorites"!
(You can find the newborn "essentials" here.)
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