Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lola & Brooks - 6 Months Old!

Our sweet babies are already 6 months old!

Seriously, how has it already been 6 months?! Time certainly stood still when they were in the NICU, but since they've been home, life has been crazy fast!

So here's a little about them right now: (Keep in mind they're 4 months corrected)

Lola is 12 lbs- 4oz and Brooks is 12 lbs- 2 oz. He's finally caught up to her! For comparison she was 9 lbs- 6 oz and he was 7lbs-12 oz at their 4 month checkup. I think he will pass her by in a few weeks (if he hasn't already!).

Lola was 23.75" long and Brooks was 23.5". So close! 
(I never thought they'd actually ever be the same size!)

Brooks was the 'winner' in this one with a 41 cm head compared to Lola at 40 cms.

Both babies are around the 2nd to 5th %-tile for their actual age. (Meaning, out of a hundred babies, they'd be the second to fifth smallest.) But remember, they're due date was mid-December, so they're just like 4 month old babies. For their corrected age, they range from 25th to 50th %-tiles. That was great news for us!

The babies are currently in 0-3 month clothes but are SO CLOSE to getting into 3-6 month clothes. They are in size 1 diapers, but I think this may be our last box before moving up to a size 2. Both wear a size 0 shoe (even though they rarely wear shoes).  

When the babies were smaller, we added oatmeal cereal to their bottle to help with their severe reflux (NICU orders). Well, time went on and when we realized they probably could do without the cereal, they had already developed a preference for it. I made them (just) milk bottles and they basically threw them back at me! Ha! They take anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces every 3-4 hours. They are both holding their own bottle now -- best milestone ever! We've started introducing solids at dinnertime -- So far we've tried pears and applesauce. They're about as excited as we are. (Check out my latest Instagram video -- Brooks just loves to spit all of his food out!)  Just thinking about feeding two babies, cleaning up after two babies, and then bathing two babies just makes me tired!   

Hallelujahhhhh -- Both babies are sleeping through the night! They both sleep 10-12 hour stretches. Bedtime is around 7:30 pm and they both sleep until 6:00-7:30am. They still occasionally wake up a time or two (maybe once or twice a week?) but they easily go back to sleep. They LOVE their sound machines! Brooks likes to be lightly swaddled in his muslin blanket and Lola doesn't like to be covered at all.

Since the babies now sleep longer at night, they nap less during the day. (Oh those first few "newborn" weeks -- They napped ALL day!) They love to lounge on their Twin-Z Pillow, jump in their jumperoo, or above all, just be held. They rarely cry unless they're hungry --We're pretty lucky! They're pretty easy-going when we try to go out for the day. They love car rides and they're usually pretty content. Strangers always comment how "good" they are. They both love to be worn in my Solly wrap. If they're full and being held, they're the happiest little babies on the planet! 

They both have the sweetest little personalities. They both LOVE to smile. Lola was always nicknamed the "diva" while in the NICU but she's turned into the sweetest little baby. She just loves to be cuddled and held. She's a Daddy's girl -- he can always get her to smile! ...And of course Brooks is a Mama's boy. He loves his mama and I just eat it up. We call him the little "flirt" because he always flashes that little sideways grin at all the ladies. ;) I can't really say one one is better or fussier than the other. It changes daily, but overall, we have two really good babies and we couldn't be more thankful! It makes having two babies just a little easier!

They both hate tummy time and their weekly occupational therapy. 

Both babies are starting to explore and grab for toys, especially in their jumperoo.

Brooks is much closer to sitting than Lola. He can sit by himself if you prop him with his arms/hands and he's not already tired.

Both babies can roll from stomach to back. Tummy time is a definite challenge!

Both LOVE to jabber and talk. I swore Brooks said "Mama" one day -- even LK heard it! :P

Both babies ADORE Lily Kate! She loves them and is SO proud when strangers talk to us... "We have twins!"
I honestly have to say that the whole "twin" thing isn't nearly as bad as we thought. It's actually kind of fun! We're so thankful for them both and we couldn't imagine life without either now.

I still have posts of their birth story, my fertility journey, and their NICU stay all under progress. I hope to get those up really soon!

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