Sunday, June 12, 2016

Free Printable: Father's Day Handprint Craft (Updated for 2016!)

Just one week until Father's Day! I've gotten so many emails in the past few weeks about updating my free printable handprint craft for Father's Day (see previous 2012, 2013, and 2014 versions) -- so here it is! 

I originally created this for Benjie's first Father's Day. I wanted something simple yet sentimental that we could frame and remember daily (instead of some craft that gets stuck in a folder or a drawer...we all have those, right?).

I've created three different printables:

5”x7” - Father’s Day (one child)
5”x7” - First Father’s Day (one child)
 8”x10” - Father’s Day (multiple children)

Just go here to view the 4-page PDF. Download to your computer . Print desired page(s). Using a non-toxic stamp pad, stamp your child’s hand on the page. Cut out along guidelines and frame! Easy Peasy! 

(I also find it neat and personal to write in the child's name and age beside the handprint. See image below.)

Y'all, it takes a lot of time to create these printables and I want to keep offering more free printables to you guys! However, if no one is finding them useful I don't want to waste my time creating and uploading them - so kindly drop me a comment below if you use this! Enjoy, and Happy Father's Day to yours!

Note: The first image was a monthly freebie from the SC Stock Shop Insider! Go sign up for their free monthly images! (Thanks, Shay!)

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  1. Thank you so much!!! Will be using this for Father's Day this year!

  2. THANK YOU! Will be doing this with the kids before Sunday. Thanks for a easy, free father's day gift!